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Putin Shuffles Goons Running RU’s War in UKR as Defense Minister Shoigu Replaced with Economist; New Stealth Submarine Could Help UKR Defeat RU; Chasiv Yar: The Enemy Has a Certain Aggravation; Vovchansk Authorities Refute Alleged RUs’ Entry Into the City; 146 C-Clashes-F.Line; RU Loses: 1200 Sold, 30 Art-Sys, 22 Arm-Veh, 1 Aircraft, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Putin shuffles goons running Russian’s war in Ukraine as defense minister Shoigu replaced with economist:
Russian President Vladimir Putin is replacing his embattled defense minister with a civilian economist in an effort to shake up his brutal war after the US approved billions in military aid for Ukraine.
Sergei Shoigu, 68, who has faced criticism over his handling of the invasion, has left the Ministry of Defense and is now taking a role as Russia’s national security council, which oversees both foreign and domestic security matters, the Kremlin said Sunday.
Putin has proposed that first deputy prime minister Andrei Belousov, 65, who previously served as an assistant to the Ministry of Economic Development, take helm of the Ministry of Defense.
Despite having more than two decades of experience in government as an economics specialist and advisor for the Kremlin, Belousov has no military experience, according to the Kremlin.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed it was only “natural” for Putin to put a civilian in charge of defense to help introduce new ideas to the department.
“The Defense Ministry must be absolutely open to innovation, to introduce advanced ideas and to create conditions for economic competitiveness — that’s why the president chose the candidacy of Andrei Removich Belousov,” Peskov told reporters.
Belousov’s appointment must first be approved by Russian lawmakers, who are little more than a rubber stamp for the Kremlin. --->READ MORE HERE
New stealth submarine with James Bond-like features could help Ukraine defeat Russia:
New stealth submarine with James Bond-like features could help Ukraine defeat Russia
A fearsome attack submarine is being built that could help fight Russian forces.
A Ukrainian company based in the UAE have completed a prototype of the Kronos stealth vehicle.
Highland Systems’ sub will be able to sneak up on enemies and launch devastating torpedo attacks or secretly place magnetic mines on warships.
As well as packing armaments, Kronos will have room for ten special forces troops, along with the pilot.
An Italian-made “Black Scorpion” torpedo system has a range of 3000m, with which Highland Systems say Kronos “can neutralize all surface and underwater threats and in general defend itself from hostile aggressors.”
The nine-meter-long craft can zip along at 50mph on water and 31mph when submerged, powered by a hybrid engine using an electric battery and diesel system.
Maximum dive depth is 250 metres with a 36-hour air supply for extended missions.
As well as fold-up wings for transportation, James Bond-like devices onboard include an underwater drone and a quadcopter that can fly off on reconnaissance missions. --->READ MORE HERE
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