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More Than 20 Illegal Immigrants Dock at California Marina, Vanish Into Neighborhood; Moment Boatload of ILLEGALS Sprint Off a YACHT After Sneaking Into America Via Sea

U.S. Border Patrol/Miami Sector
WATCH: More Than 20 Illegal Immigrants Dock at California Marina, Vanish into Neighborhood
More than 20 suspected illegal immigrants docked at an upscale southern California marina before jumping fences and escaping into the surrounding neighborhood in a shocking video captured in April.
Footage that the X account OC (Orange County) Liberator shared on Thursday shows a stunned onlooker witnessing the suspected invasion unfold just feet away at the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach.
The account clarified that the incident took place on April 20 — not Thursday, as originally reported.
Nearly two dozen people are seen hopping off a white boat, running up the dock, and climbing over barriers to make it off the pier. There were some women, but most appeared to be men.
The small boat was left shoved carelessly against the dock, and the group was spotted piling into a black SUV before speeding away to an unknown location.
“I’m aware of a video showing a mass of people offloading from a boat in our Harbor,” Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill wrote on X. “I’ve been in touch with the O.C. Sheriff’s Department who patrols our Harbor to find out how we can do better.” --->READ MORE HERE
Moment boatload of migrants sprint off a YACHT after sneaking into America via sea:
Migrants have used a boat to illegally sneak into the US in the latest brazen attempt to circumvent border security.
About 20 migrants sprinted off a boat after it docked at a marina on the tip of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California, on Thursday morning.
They climbed over fences and ran across the jetty towards the street, leaving the empty boat floating behind. A white van slowed down on the street as they arrived, but it was unclear if it was there to pick them up.
Footage of the migrants arriving and then sprinting into the US was posted online.
Taking a boat around the border in California is an increasingly popular tactic for migrants who want to sneak in illegally, rather than claim asylum. The tactic comes as President Joe Biden's policies have allowed a flood of migrants to enter the US during his tenure.
Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes pointed to figures showing maritime smuggling incidents in California steadily rose from 308 in 2020 to 736 last year.
'Maritime smuggling is up, and although our Harbor Patrol works to interdict vessels trafficking drugs and people, state restrictions on communications with federal partners hinder our efforts,' he said.
'The state should repeal laws that restrict communication with our federal partners.'
Former Newport Beach mayor and current city councilor said Will O'Neill said he and the sheriff blamed California's 'sanctuary state' policy.
'Our nation’s border crisis is serious, lawless, and dangerous,' he said.
'The approaches taken by the administrations in DC and Sacramento have made it significantly worse.
'As it has been said, every city is now a border city. We must expect better from people in charge of enforcing our laws.' --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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