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Male ‘Transgender’ Student Assaults Girl in New York High School Bathroom, School Receives Threats; Shocking Moment 'transgender' Student Drags Much Smaller Girl Out of Upstate NY School Bathroom by Hair During Brawl, with Clip Prompting Bomb Threat That Closed School

Male ‘Transgender’ Student Assaults Girl in New York High School Bathroom, School Receives Threats:
Disturbing footage of a “boy who identifies as a girl” entering the girls’ bathroom at a New York high school and violently dragging out a female student by her hair has sparked backlash and threats against the school, forcing it to close Friday.
The shocking video — which Reduxx, a women and children safeguarding outlet, obtained — shows a large, purportedly transgender student viciously attacking a much smaller female student in a restroom stall at Arcadia High School in Rochester.
🚨A girl was reportedly assaulted in the female restroom at Arcadia High School in Rochester, New York.

According to another student at the school, the attacker is a boy who identifies as a girl. He was allegedly retaliating for perceived insults.

Reduxx reached out to Greece…

— REDUXX (@ReduxxMag) May 2, 2024
The perpetrator quickly gained control over the girl as he beat her over the head with a closed fist and pulled her to the floor.
As the victim attempted to shield her face from the blows, she was dragged across the tile floor of the bathroom. Other students cheered, and one faculty member tried to separate the two, to no avail.
The assault continued for about 30 seconds and only ended when multiple school security officers and another faculty member stepped in.
While Greece Central School District has refused to confirm if the attacker identifies as transgender, another student at Arcadia told Reduxx that he does and that the incident took place in February as retaliation for perceived insults. --->READ MORE HERE
Shocking moment 'transgender' student drags much smaller girl out of upstate NY school bathroom by hair during brawl, with clip prompting bomb threat that closed school:
Shocking video showing a 'transgender' student attacking another girl in a women's restroom resulted in a bomb threat being sent to the school after the clip went viral.
The assault at Greece Arcadia high school took place in February and saw the victim dragged out of a stall by her hair by a much larger attacker, described as transgender.
Footage of the attack was shared by feminist website Reduxx on Thursday and resulted in a bomb threat being sent to the school, forcing it to close on Friday.
Greece Central School District Superintendent Kathleen Graupman said the anonymous threat qualifies as a 'hate crime' as she slammed those using the video to further 'hateful' agendas.
The clip in question shows a student barge into a restroom stall and begin beating a girl inside while other pupils film on their phones.
The student grabs the screaming girl by her hair and drags her out along the floor and into the hallway.
The student throws several more punches before a member of staff comes running over to separate them.
Even as they are dragged away, the assailant refuses to let go of the girl's hair.
Eventually the student is escorted away and the girl who was attacked runs up behind and attempts to fight back.
However, she is picked up and carried away by what appears to be another staff member.
In the wake of the footage going viral on Thursday, the school was sent a bomb threat at 6.07am on Friday.
Several bus loads of students who had already arrived on campus had to be redirected as cops worked to investigate.
The threat accused the school of failing to make a safe learning environment and accused the district of encouraging 'mentally ill' and 'degenerate', making reference to the fight, NBC News10 reports. --->READ MORE HERE
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