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Record Number of Chinese Migrants Arrested for Illegally Crossing Into US — Same Number in Six Months as the Whole of 2023; The Record Number of Chinese Illegal Migrants Arrested at the Border in the Last Six Months as Entries Spike by 7,000% in Three Years

Record number of Chinese migrants arrested for illegally crossing into US — same number in six months as the whole of 2023:
The number of Chinese migrants illegally crossing the US-Mexico border has hit a new record with 24,200 arrested in the last six months, mostly in San Diego County, California, according to federal data.
The huge influx is already equal to the number of Chinese people arrested for illegally crossing into the US in 2023 — which itself set a record for being more than in the previous ten years combined.
Taking advantage of holes in the border wall and the Biden administration’s lax enforcement of border policy, Chinese people are buying plane tickets to Mexico and paying smugglers to take them to the areas where its easiest to cross into California.
Overwhelmed Customs and Border Protection (CBP) then arrest the individuals, mostly single men, and keep them in detention for 24 to 48 hours for processing, before releasing them into the US to pursue asylum claims, according to sources.
In January security concerns were raised after it emerged CBP cut the number of questions its processors were required to ask from roughly 40 to just five — because they were overwhelmed by the number of Chinese people they were arresting.
A family of Chinese migrants who had just crossed over the border in the last few days told The Post they had no immediate problems forcing them to leave their homeland, unlike migrants from countries like Haiti and Venezuela where civil order has largely broken down.
They said they had spent around $75,000 to come to the US, money earned from their business back in China, after hearing success stories from relatives who had already made it across. --->READ MORE HERE
REVEALED: The record number of Chinese illegal migrants arrested at the border in the last six months as entries spike by 7,000% in three yearsl
Chinese nationals crossing the border in 2024 so far has massively surged from prior years and is causing heightened concern over why so many migrants from China are coming illegally into the country.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) arrested nearly 25,000 nationals from the People's Republic of China (PRC) since October, according to government data of crossings at the southern and northern borders over the last four years.
The recent figures represent an astounding 7,000 percent increase from the same time period in 2021.
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insists that he struck a recent agreement with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the U.S. to send back to Beijing more deportation flights full of migrants.
Only 342 migrants from China were detained by CBP in Fiscal Year 2021 and 1,987 were apprehended the next fiscal year cycle.
But the number of illegal migrants coming from China surged in 2023 with 24,125 crossing the entire year.
There are still six months left in Fiscal Year 2024, but the number of Chinese nationals apprehended by CBP during the first half of the year has already surpassed the total number in the year prior.
CBP's data set includes only apprehensions of Chinese migrants who crossed illegally and does not include ports of entry where tens of thousands of migrants from the PRC have crossed over the last few years. --->READ MORE HERE
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