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Good News: AI Can Apparently Spot Conservatives On Sight Via Facial Recognition Technology; Can YOU Spot the Right-Winger and the Liberal? AI Predicts People's Politics by Analyzing a Single Selfie

Steve Marcus/Reuters
Good News: AI Can Apparently Spot Conservatives on Sight via Facial Recognition Technology:
Speaking as an urban Republican, I’d say we’re generally a paranoid bunch. For example, here in Chicago there are roughly 300 of us, none of whom are permitted to speak to anyone save their immediate “handler,” and who are always addressed exclusively by code name for internal-security reasons. We’re typically victims of the Democratic machine, but then six years ago, for a few disorienting and terrifying weeks, suddenly Chicago became MAGA Country, leaving sensible conservatives feeling once again shot by both sides. So even though it’s been a bad enough week of news so far for those of us right-wingers who live in the belly of the Blue Beast, Fox News has now put us on notice that it’s about to get worse: Our first-ever official video appearance in politics may be as an extra in a real-life remake of Minority Report. For apparently AI has now figured out how to identify conservatives by facial feature recognition alone.
Researchers are warning that facial recognition technologies are “more threatening than previously thought” and pose “serious challenges to privacy” after a study found that artificial intelligence can be successful in predicting a person’s political orientation based on images of expressionless faces.

A recent study published in the journal American Psychologist says an algorithm’s ability to accurately guess one’s political views is “on par with how well job interviews predict job success, or alcohol drives aggressiveness.” Lead author Michal Kosinski told Fox News Digital that 591 participants filled out a political orientation questionnaire before the AI captured what he described as a numerical “fingerprint” of their faces and compared them to a database of their responses to predict their views.

“I think that people don’t realize how much they expose by simply putting a picture out there,” said Kosinski, an associate professor of organizational behavior at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.
A wiser man would analyze this alarmingly hyped claim — that facial-recognition software will be used to filter out the obvious right-wing agents provocateurs from protest gatherings, jury pools, or the wait staff of Bohemian Grove — more closely. A more skeptical man would evince reservations about the likelihood of our coming cataloguing by visual image in a database of Known Wrong thinkers. It all seems rather overblown, some would say. --->READ MORE HERE (or HERE)
Can YOU spot the right-winger and the liberal? AI predicts people's politics by analyzing a single selfie:
The 'pink-haired liberal' has become something of a stereotype, but AI can now predict someone's politics based solely on their looks.
A new program can spot tiny nuances in people's facial features that correlate to their political leaning - with over 70 percent accuracy.
It was trained on hundreds of photos and voting habits of Americans.
The results found that liberals tended to have smaller lower faces, their chins were smaller and their lips and noses pointed downward, while conservatives have larger, wider features in the lower halves of their faces.
Dr. Michal Kosinski, the study's lead author, warned that facial recognition tools are dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands because millions of people's information could be accessed without their consent.
Kosinski and his team looked at expressionless facial images of 591 participants and natural images of 3,400 politicians from the US, UK and Canada and found a predictive model could accurately discern the person's political orientation.
The study gives more insight into how facial recognition can be used to discern someone's private information from a Facebook photo - even if they haven't posted their views online.
'Our findings underscore the urgency for scholars, the public, and policymakers to recognize and address the potential risks of facial recognition technology to personal privacy,' the study warned.
'Even more worrisome, these algorithms can identify personal attributes that were, thus far, widely considered to be unrecognizable from faces,' it added.
Kosinski told Fox News Digital that 'algorithms can be very easily applied to millions of people very quickly and cheaply' and that the study is 'more of a warning tale' about the technology 'that is in your phone and is very widely used everywhere.' --->READ MORE HERE
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