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RU Forces Unable to Bypass Chasiv Yar; Fire at KAMAZ, Leading RU Military Truck Supplier Plant; ATACMS Destroyed RU Air-Def At Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea; UKR Repels 40 Attacks-Avdiivka Front; 112 C-Clashes-F.Lines; RU Loses: 1000 Sold, 11 Tanks, 43 Art-Sys-1 Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Russian forces unable to bypass Chasiv Yar – 26th artillery brigade press officer Kalashnikov:
Oleh Kalashnikov, head of the press service for the 26th artillery brigade, has revealed that the occupying Russian army is attempting to maneuver around Chasiv Yar
He shared the information in an interview with Espreso TV.
"The Russian occupying forces typically try to encircle cities by moving around them from the sides. However, they're facing a challenge with Chasiv Yar today. Ivanivske, where fighting is ongoing, as well as Klishchiivka and Andriivka are blocking their approach from the south. Similarly, the northern flank offers limited options for them. As a result, they're unable to bypass the city from the sides and are resorting to direct assaults on Chasiv Yar," explained Kalashnikov.
The officer noted that Russian troops are launching assaults on the Ukrainian Defense Forces positions simultaneously while employing guided air bombs.
"The occupiers are attacking Chasiv Yar from multiple directions, attempting to carry out assault operations in several areas simultaneously. They initiate attacks on the Defense Forces’ positions using guided aerial bombs. In contrast to NATO tactics, where air support precedes infantry movements, the Russians are combining their efforts, deploying guided bombs and storming our positions simultaneously," he added. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo:Crimean Wind/Telegram
Fire breaks out at KAMAZ, leading Russian military truck supplier plant:
An assembly shop at main plant of KamAZ corporation is on fire in Tatarstan, Russia, Crimean Wind monitoring public reported in Telegram on April 28.
It is noted that fire started at plant in Naberezhnye Chelny city.
KAMAZ is the main supplier of automotive equipment for Russian Armed Forces, Crimean Wind clarifies.
KAMAZ Corporation produces diesel trucks, diesel engines, and more. Main production facility is located in Naberezhnye Chelny. In 2022, company was included in sanctions lists of EU, US, Canada, and UK for supplying KAMAZ-5350, KAMAZ-6350, and KAMAZ 6560 trucks to Russian army, which are used in war against Ukraine.
NV sources reported that Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukrainian Defense Ministry launched a drone attack on an aircraft plant in Tatarstan, Russia, where Tu-22M and Tu-160M bombers are manufactured and repaired on April 17. --->READ MORE HERE
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