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White House Blames Abbott for Chaotic Border Scenes in Confusing Defense of President; Border Patrol Union Rips Biden Admin Southern Border ‘anarchy’ After More Than 100 Migrants Break Through Razor Wire; Over 100 Texas Sheriffs Back Operation Lone Star

White House blames Abbott for chaotic border scenes in confusing defense of president:
The Biden administration pointed the finger at Republicans for the chaos captured at the border Thursday by The Post, after dramatic video showed migrants tearing down razor wire and rushing guards at El Paso.
Despite being fully responsible for homeland security, the White House blamed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and former President Donald Trump for the incident – which left Texas National Guard members injured.
“The razor wire, that’s [Abbott]. The National Guard, that’s him. The Border Patrol agents still did their job. They got in the way, like the governor’s plans got in the way,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during Friday’s briefing.
The spokesperson’s comments were muddled so it was not clear either which law enforcement group actually “got in the way” or whether that statement was meant as praise or criticism. The men shown being overrun by the migrants were Texas National Guardsmen.
Jean-Pierre added that “I have not spoken” to Biden about the video before rounding on Abbott once again.
“The president has worked with Congress and the Senate … about getting an immigration bill done, making sure that we deal with the border challenges that we’re now seeing. And you have a governor of Texas who has continued to politicize this.
“I do want to say we are grateful for the Border Patrol’s quick work to get the situation under control and apprehend the migrants, so that’s important,” Jean-Pierre added, “but congressional Republicans need to move on this.”
“What they’re doing instead … is listening to the former president, President Trump, telling them not to get involved in moving with this bipartisan agreement because of his own personal politics.”
Trump is said to have been behind the bipartisan border deal tanking earlier this year by advising his allies in the House to vote against it.
Jean-Pierre reiterated the “solution” is for Congress to “move forward” with the Biden-backed, Senate-passed bill, which would have allocated $20 billion for border security. --->READ MORE HERE
Border Patrol union rips Biden admin southern border ‘anarchy’ after more than 100 migrants break through razor wire:
The union representing US Border Patrol agents has accused the Biden administration of creating “anarchy” at the southern border after a shocking video showed more than 100 migrants rushing the southern border wall and breaking through razor wire to illegally enter the country.
“This is only going to get worse. It’s just the beginning,” the Border Patrol Union wrote online Thursday alongside the footage, captured exclusively by The Post, that showed the chaotic scene as migrants trampled agents in a frenzy to enter America.
“The anarchy Joe Biden and his radical leftist mob have unleashed on Americans is despicable,” it said.
The union’s comments were echoed by several Republican lawmakers, including Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee, who said the president “must close the border IMMEDIATELY.”
“Please pray for the safety of the National Guardsmen, CBP agents and all those on the front lines of this crisis,” he wrote on X while sharing the video.
Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) threatened to upend the president’s budget proposal over the tumultuous scene.
“This is Joe Biden’s America,” Burchett wrote, vowing, “No Border, no Budget!”
The official House GOP X account also shared the video, writing: “Border security is national security.”
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the scene a “direct result of the unsustainable chaos President Biden has unleashed on the border” in a statement to The Post.
The chaos at the border crossing in El Paso, Texas, took place as members of the Lone Star State’s National Guard were attempting to divide nearly 600 migrants into smaller groups and separated women and children from adult males in the process. --->READ MORE HERE
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