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Did RU Shoot Down Its Own Su-35 Fighter In UKR? Fierce Battle Rages Along Zherebets River as RUs Push Toward Lyman; Only 3% of RU Missiles in 2024 Hit Military Targets in UKR; UKR Repels 29 RU Attacks in 4 Sectors; 48 Combat Clashes Past Day; RU Loses: 780 Sold, 10 Tanks,32 Art-Sys, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Did Russia Just Shootdown Its Very Own Su-35 Fighter In Ukraine?
The Kremlin may have lost another Su-35 aircraft on Thursday, and the Su-27 derivative may have been the victim of friendly fire according to early reports. Video of a Russian fighter aircraft engulfed in flames as it fell back to the earth quickly circulated on social media.
The Kremlin may have lost another Su-35 aircraft on Thursday, and the Su-27 derivative may have been the victim of friendly fire according to early reports. Video of a Russian fighter aircraft engulfed in flames as it fell back to the earth quickly circulated on social media.
Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Russian-imposed governor of Sevastopol announced via the social messaging Telegram that the pilot had safely ejected, and was subsequently rescued after landing about 200 meters from the shore.
"A military plane fell into the sea… Civilian objects were not damaged," Razvozhayev wrote.
Third Su-35 Lost This Year
Multiple reports identified the aircraft as a Su-35 (NATO reporting name "Flanker-E"). If it is confirmed that the aircraft was a Su-35, it would be at least the seventh Flanker-E lost in Ukraine and the third downed this year. The first Su-35 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine on February 17, while two days later a second was shot down over the Azov Sea.
There have also been reports that the Russian aircraft lost on Thursday was mistakenly shot down by Russian anti-aircraft defense. This would be the second such Su-35 aircraft to fall victim to friendly fire, after another was targeted by a Russian S-400 air defense system in early January near Krasnoperekopsk, a town in the northern part of the Crimean peninsula. That damaged Su-35 was able to successfully land at a military airfield near occupied Melitopol in the Zaporizhzhia region.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has not officially commented on the latest incident, but Newsweek previously reported that as of late August of last year, more than a fifth of the Kremlin's known manned aircraft and helicopter losses since Moscow launched its unprovoked war in February 2022 have been self-inflicted. Another Su-35 was believed to have been shot down last September over Tokmak, near the front lines in the Zaporizhzhia region. --->READ MORE HERE
Screenshot from a Reporting From Ukraine video.
Frontline report: Fierce battle rages along Zherebets River as Russians push toward Lyman:
Despite heavy Russian bombardments, Ukrainian 45th Artillery Brigade and drone operators from multiple brigades destroy numerous Russian artillery pieces, tanks, APCs through precision strikes.
On 27 March, there are a lot of updates from the Lyman direction. Here, Russians have been continuously assaulting Ukrainian positions in an attempt to reach the Ukrainian settlements along the Zherebets River.
The main goal of the Russians is to take control of the Ukrainian city and logistics hub of Lyman.
However, the Russians realized this would be far more difficult than expected, as they first had to cross the heavily defended Zherebets River, over which Ukrainians established a strong logistics network that allowed them to fend off most Russian assaults.
Furthermore, any Russian assaults that threaten to overwhelm Ukrainian defenders are then quickly counterattacked by quick-reaction forces or Ukrainian soldiers from the forest, making it an intense but even battle.
As you may remember, the last Russian mechanized assault waves ended in complete disaster for the Russians. They did not manage to come even close to the settlements and were destroyed already on the approach.
To adapt their strategy to the current situation, Russian forces now use their armor to transport infantry as close to the forest as possible and drop the infantry off, who then carry out the assault themselves while the armored vehicle quickly retreats.
These infantry groups then move through the tree lines and take concealed positions in the forest to accumulate forces to launch large-scale infantry assaults. However, for such assaults to succeed without armored support, Russians need to rely on intensive artillery bombardments to undermine Ukrainian positions and prepare for the assaults. --->READ MORE HERE
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