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Hundreds of Uniformed Officers, Trump Pay Their Respects at Long Island Funeral Home for Wake of Slain NYPD Cop Jonathan Diller; Trump Says ‘perfect family Has Been So tragically altered’ After Attending Slain Cop’s Wake

Hundreds of uniformed officers, Trump pay their respects at Long Island funeral home for wake of slain NYPD cop Jonathan Diller:
Former President Donald Trump joined grieving relatives and hundreds of uniformed officers at the wake for slain NYPD cop Jonathan Diller on Long Island — as he continued to harp on rampant urban crime during his bid to reclaim the White House.
“What happened is such a sad event,” Trump said as he arrived at Massapequa Funeral Home. “It’s happening all too often and we’re just not going to let it happen.
“The Diller family will never be the same,” he added. “We have to do a lot of things differently because this is not working. This is happening too often. This is such a sad occasion.
“The only thing we can say is maybe something’s going to be learned. We’ve gotta toughen it up and strengthen it up. Things like this shouldn’t take place and take place so often.”
Trump had touched down at a rainy MacArthur Airport on Long Island shortly before 2 p.m. and arrived at the wake shortly after.
Trump’s presence at the Massapequa funeral home promises to shine a spotlight on Diller’s senseless death during a traffic stop in Queens on Monday, with the slain cop serving as another tragic example.
It is unclear what led to Trump’s attendance at the wake, although some news outlets reported that he was invited by Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman.
“The county executive discussed this with the president on Tuesday,” Chris Boyle, a spokesman for Blakeman told The Post.
But Boyle would not say if that conversation included an invitation.
“I just want to say thank you President Trump for coming here to be with the Diller family. It was very comforting to them,” Blakeman said as he stood next to Trump outside the wake.
“People were very, very blessed to have someone like President Trump, who cared so much, to spend a lot of time with the family,” the county executive added.
Trump’s presidential campaign announced Wednesday that he would join Diller’s family and thousands of police officers from New York City and the region at the Massapequa wake.
“President Trump is moved by the invitation to join NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller’s family and colleagues as they deal with his senseless and tragic death,” said Karoline Leavitt, the former commander-in-chief’s campaign spokesperson. --->READ MORE HERE
Slain NYPD officer Jonathan Diller wake live updates: Trump says ‘perfect family has been so tragically altered’ after attending slain cop’s wake:
...Former President Donald Trump said the senseless death of NYPD cop Jonathan Diller must not be in vain, he told The Post in an exclusive interview after leaving the hero cop's wake on Long Island.
"In life, some things just capture a moment and this captured a moment," Trump said. "This particular great officer, top of his class — he captured a moment.
"The perfect family has been so tragically altered, forever altered," the former commander in chief said.
"I was telling Stephanie, the wife, who's incredible -- a 1-year-old baby who doesn't know that his life has been greatly affected by this. I said something has to come out of it, and the only thing that you could really think that could come out of it is we get stronger and tougher so this doesn't keep happening."
Trump, who spoke to The Post from his private plane on the tarmac at Long Island MacArthur Airport, also railed against New York City's "How Many Stops Act."
"It's not going to have any impact other than it's going to give criminals more time to roam," he said. "And they have to be able to protect our police."... --->READ MORE HERE
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