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UKR Downed Drone from Distance of 9k Using Hybrid Air Def System; UKR Downs 19 of 20 RU Shahed Drones; UKR Repels 63 Attacks on Lyman, Avdiivka Fronts; UKR Destroys 730 RUs, 13 Tanks, 10 Art Systems-Past Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Oleksandr Kamyshin. Photo: Getty Images
Drone downed from distance of 9 kilometres: Ukraine successfully used hybrid air defence system last night:
Oleksandr Kamyshin, Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine, has said that Ukraine successfully used a so-called hybrid air defence system on the night of 16-17 January, destroying a Shahed attack drone from the distance of nine kilometres.
Source : Kamyshin at the Davos Forum
Quote : "We decided to make our own air defence system. We took Soviet components and used [them with] Western missiles, or we took Western launchers and used [them with] Soviet missiles.
I am happy to report that one of these systems was successfully used for the first time last night. We shot down a Shahed attack drone from nine kilometres away, and this is the first successful use of such a system.
...I am very pleased that we have deployed it on the battlefield, protecting our skies and our people."
Details : Kamyshin did not name the system in question. Presumably, he was referring to the FrankenSAM project.
For reference : Defense Express outlet reported that the FrankenSAM project had three anti-aircraft missile systems: the first one is a hybrid of Buk launcher and RIM-7 missiles, the second one is a combination of a Soviet-made radar station and AIM-9 missiles, and the third one, which is also the most powerful one, has elements of Patriot air defence systems. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Russians attack with 20 Shahed drones, 19 of them shot down by air defence:
Russia attacked Ukraine with 20 Shahed attack drones on the night of 16-17 January. The Air Force managed to destroy 19 of them.
Source : Ukrainian Air Force on Telegram
Quote from the Air Force : "The personnel and assets of the Air Force, in cooperation with the Defence Forces' air defence, have destroyed 19 Shaheds. Anti-aircraft missile units and mobile fire groups were involved in repelling the air attack."
Details : The Russians launched drones from the area of Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Russia. The Russians also fired two S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles from Belgorod Oblast in the Russian Federation in the direction of Kharkiv.
Air defence forces responded within Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad oblasts.
  • On the night of 16-17 January, a series of explosions rang out in Odesa. A residential building was damaged by a terrorist attack by Russian forces with attack drones. A fire was reported. 
  • A total of 130 people were evacuated from the damaged building. Three residents were injured. 
  • It was reported that on the night of 17 January, 11 drones were shot down on approach to the coast of Odesa Oblast, and most of them crashed into the sea. The Defence Forces of Ukraine’s South reported that the kamikaze drones were approaching from the Black Sea at a critically low altitude.
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