Friday, January 19, 2024

We Can Stop Hamas and BLM Riots: The Legal Tools are There. The Authorities Choose Not to Use Them.

We Can Stop Hamas and BLM Riots:
The legal tools are there. The authorities choose not to use them.
After years of riots, including the latest outburst of pro-Hamas attacks targeting synagogues, churches, and Jewish restaurants, it turns out that there is a way to stop them after all.
New Hampshire Attorney General John M. Formella recently filed civil rights charges against a Neo-Nazi group which had been protesting outside a drag event at a cafe.
In December, Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell filed civil rights charges against the same group for harassing drag events and migrant housing facilities. Campbell claimed that the Nationalist Social Club had “engaged in a concerted attempt to target and terrorize people across Massachusetts and interfere with their rights.”
The National Socialists didn’t actually do anything more (and arguably less) than BLM and Hamas supporters have spent the last three years doing to people around the country.
In New Hampshire, they were accused of banging on the windows and making intimidating gestures. In Massachusetts, they were charged with trespassing, intimidating hotel staff and disrupting the operations of hotels. They’ve also been accused of minor vandalism.
Name a leftist aligned protest movement that doesn’t routinely do all of these things.
The problem isn’t that Neo-Nazis are being charged when their behavior is illegal, it’s that the same kinds of behavior are treated as sacrosanct when practiced by eco-terrorists, BLM and now Hamas supporters who intimidate, threaten, interfere with operations and vandalize targets.
The two states claim that civil rights charges are legitimate because the Neo-Nazis targeted “minority groups”. But that’s exactly what Hamas supporters have been doing.
Massachusetts is the home of the ‘Mapping Project’ targeting Jewish institutions for protests which listed Jewish schools, synagogues and community groups.
This came after antisemitic incidents were at all time high in Manhattan.
In 2020, as part of a ‘Day of Rage’, terrorist supporters had marched to the offices of Jewish organizations while chanting calls for Intifada and the destruction of Israel. With a mob of 300, the Day of Rage had a much larger turnout than the paltry Neo-Nazi rallies.
No civil rights charges were filed.
Earlier in 2023, the National Socialists had been charged with a civil rights violation in New Hampshire for hanging up a “Keep New England white” banner. But at the University of New Hampshire campus, students had gathered to chant the “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” call for the destruction of Israel which was described as “protected speech”. Both are calls for getting rid of minority groups, but only one resulted in criminal charges. --->READ MORE HERE
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