Sunday, September 17, 2023

PLAYING GOD: Scientists Create Human "Entity" That Has No Mother Or Father; Scientists Grow Whole Model of Human Embryo Without Sperm or Egg

Scientists Create Human "Entity" That Has No Mother Or Father:
Scientists all over the world continue to “play God”, and we are all going to have to live with the consequences.
Every single day, incredibly bizarre experiments are being conducted in secret laboratories all over the planet. I have frequently warned my readers about the very deadly diseases that are being developed in such laboratories, but other types of extremely sick experiments are happening as well. For example, it is being reported that one team of researchers has now been able to create a human “entity” that does not have a mother or a father. In fact, it was created “without using sperm, an egg or a womb”…
Scientists report they have grown the early stages of a human embryo-like entity without using sperm, an egg or a womb.

The ’embryo model’ even releases hormones that triggered a positive pregnancy test.
This is like something out of a science fiction novel.
Why in the world would they even consider doing something like this? 
They are telling us that using such “entities” will make medical research easier, and frankly that makes me want to vomit.
There is no way that doing this sort of thing should be legal.
But it is. --->READ MORE HERE
Scientists grow whole model of human embryo without sperm or egg
Scientists have grown human embryo-like structures without using sperm, eggs or a womb, an advance that could help reveal the causes of many birth defects and types of infertility. A research team at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel created the complete models of human embryos from stem cells cultured in the lab - and managed to grow them outside the womb up to day 14.
The research, published in the journal Nature, shows that these synthetic embryo models had all the structures and compartments characteristic of this stage, including the placenta, yolk sac, chorionic sac and other external tissues that ensure the models' dynamic and adequate growth.
The stem cell-derived human embryo model "closely mimics the development of a real human embryo, particularly the emergence of its exquisitely fine architecture," said Jacob Hanna, a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
The scientists did not use fertilised eggs or a womb. Rather, they started out with human cells known as pluripotent stem cells, which have the potential to differentiate into many cell types.
Some were derived from adult skin cells that had been reverted to "stemness." Others were the progeny of human stem cell lines that had been cultured for years in the lab, they said.
The researchers then reprogrammed pluripotent stem cells to revert these cells to an even earlier state - known as the naive state - in which they are capable of specializing into any type of cell. --->READ MORE HERE
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