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Impeaching Joe Biden: A proper inquiry is a road back from Nancy Pelosi’s cutting every corner to get Trump; Kevin McCarthy Launches Formal Biden Impeachment Inquiry; McCarthy Directs House Committees to Open Formal Impeachment Inquiry into Biden’s Alleged Involvement with Hunter Business Dealings

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Impeaching Joe Biden:
A proper inquiry is a road back from Nancy Pelosi’s cutting every corner to get Trump.
A proper inquiry is a road back from Nancy Pelosi’s cutting every corner to get Trump.
September in Washington, and the Hunter Biden scandal is in the air. The only question now is what happens first: an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden’s role in his son’s influence-peddling—or a Hunter Biden indictment from a grand jury impaneled by special counsel David Weiss.
Normally, Republicans might defer to law enforcement. But a politicized Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation have squandered the public’s trust. The elevation of Mr. Weiss to special counsel has persuaded many that the fix is in, given Justice guidelines that say a special counsel should come from the outside. Mr. Weiss’s appointment further gives President Biden the “ongoing investigation” excuse for not answering questions, which could bury the issue.
But the ultimate question surrounding Hunter’s overseas millions from places such as China and Ukraine—and whether his father was the quo for the quid his son received—is political. More important than seeing anyone packed off to prison is learning whether Joe Biden, as vice president, willfully enabled his son’s schemes and twisted U.S. policy in the process.
It may turn out that Joe Biden committed no crime. But even if he never received a nickel from his son’s businesses, his cooperation in Hunter’s selling of the Biden brand was corrupt. Ditto for President Biden’s Justice Department, which repeatedly sabotaged the federal investigation into Hunter.
The party line is that there’s no evidence that Joe Biden profited from his son’s dealings. But the administration has stonewalled any effort to get at the truth, and the White House is now building a war room of lawyers and communications staffers to fight the investigations. It’s disingenuous to argue there’s no evidence while you are working overtime to thwart any attempt to find evidence.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says impeachments should be rare, because normalizing impeachment isn’t good for the country. He’s right. But House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is calling for an impeachment inquiry, which he says is a “natural step forward” based on evidence that has been uncovered by the House committees investigating—Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means. --->READ MORE HERE
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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Launches Formal Biden Impeachment Inquiry:
McCarthy says ‘allegations paint a picture of a culture of corruption’; White House says probe marks ‘extreme politics at its worst’
Speaker Kevin McCarthy said House committees would open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden, ramping up GOP efforts to unearth any evidence of wrongdoing ahead of the 2024 election.
Republicans have been looking into whether the Democratic president played a role in, or benefited from, the overseas business affairs of his son, Hunter Biden. No evidence has emerged to show the president benefited from Hunter Biden’s endeavors, nor that he wielded government authority to favor them.
McCarthy, a California Republican, has faced intense pressure to launch the impeachment inquiry from hard-right members of the GOP, some of whom have threatened to oust him amid disagreements over the budget. The move gives the GOP more muscle to scrutinize the White House but also carries risks for Republicans, with some members expressing doubts about the wisdom of such a tack and whether it could bring blowback at the ballot box absent concrete evidence of wrongdoing by the president.
McCarthy on Tuesday said House Republicans “have uncovered serious and credible allegations into President Biden’s conduct. Taken together, these allegations paint a picture of a culture of corruption.” In a brief statement, he said Republicans “are committed to getting the answers for the American public.
The Wall Street Journal has reported on how the younger Biden increased his foreign business dealings—receiving a discounted stake in a private-equity firm in China and consulting arrangements with a Romanian real-estate magnate—as his father exited the vice presidency under Barack Obama.
The White House has said that President Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for 2024, wasn’t a party to his son’s business affairs and has done nothing wrong. White House spokesman Ian Sams said months of GOP investigations have “turned up no evidence of wrongdoing” and that the impeachment probe marks “extreme politics at its worst.” --->READ MORE HERE

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