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UKRaine Attacks RUssian Warships in Black Sea, Destroys Air Defences in Crimea; UKR Forces Press On in East, Inflict Casualties in South; RU’s Southern Mistake — Surovikin Lines, Gerasimov Tactics; Putin Wanted Glory of RU Empire, and Now He's Begging Kim for Help, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine attacks Russian warships in Black Sea, destroys air defences in Crimea, Kyiv says:
KYIV, Sept 14 (Reuters) - Ukraine said on Thursday it attacked two Russian patrol ships and destroyed a sophisticated air defence system in the west of occupied Crimea, ramping up its strikes to challenge Moscow's dominance in the Black Sea region.
The attacks come a day after Kyiv said it seriously damaged a Russian submarine and landing ship undergoing repairs in a missile strike on a shipyard in the Crimean port of Sevastopol, home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
The Ukrainian military, in a post on Telegram messenger, said it hit two Russian patrol boats in the southwest of the Black Sea, causing "certain damage" in a morning attack.
"The (Sergei) Kotov was hit," military intelligence official Andriy Yusov told Reuters, sharing a grainy video circulated online by a Ukrainian government minister that appeared to show sea drones attacking a vessel at sea.
The Russian Defence Ministry confirmed an attack on the Sergei Kotov in a morning statement, but said the assault involving five sea drones was repelled. It made no mention of damage.
Reuters could not independently confirm the reports or the video.
The southwestern location of the attack would indicate Ukraine's ability to strike Russian targets far from its coast.
While Kyiv's counteroffensive in the south and east has been slowed by minefields and Russian defensive lines, fighting has escalated in the Black Sea region where Russia is imposing a de facto blockade on Ukraine's seaborne exports. --->READ MORE HERE
REUTERS/Sofiia Gatilova/File Photo
Ukrainian forces press on in east, inflict casualties in south, officials say:
Sept 14 (Reuters) - Ukraine on Thursday pressed on with a gruelling campaign to regain ground near the shattered Russian-held city of Bakhmut and inflicted heavy casualties on Russian forces on the southern front, senior military officials said.
The Ukrainian accounts outlined fierce fighting in many parts of the eastern front, but no new breakthroughs in the three-month old counter offensive.
Ukrainian advances have been much slower than gains they recorded last year in recovering territory in the northeast, as they proceed methodically in the face of deep Russian entrenchments.
President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and other officials have dismissed Western critics who say the three-month offensive is too slow and hampered by strategic errors, like placing troops in the wrong places.
Russia's Defence Ministry said its forces had repelled eight attacks in the east in hotly contested areas south of Bakhmut.
Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister, Hanna Maliar, said Kyiv's forces were making gains around three villages south of Bakhmut - including Andriivka.
"Progress has been made there," she said on the Telegram messaging app.
Maliar initially reported that Andriivka had been brought under Ukrainian control, but later said that was inaccurate as fighting was still raging around the village.
Russian forces captured Bakhmut in May after months of battles left the city in ruins. Ukrainian forces have since been chipping away at Russian positions, notably south of Bakhmut. --->READ MORE HERE
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