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Russia Ends the Year by Killing, Wounding, Displacing Civilians; Dropping Like Flies: 15 Suspicious Deaths of Well-Known Russians; Several RU Missiles Did Not Reach Ukraine and Fell on Russian Territory; 200 RU Soldiers killed in one day in Kherson Oblast, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Russia ends the year by killing, wounding, displacing civilians:
As Ukrainians were about to gather to celebrate New Year, hoping for a better year ahead, Russia went the extra mile to deprive people of even the slightest holiday mood.
A few kilometers from central Kyiv, multiple ambulances stood waiting.
In one ambulance, the crew was trying to calm down a yelling man with a slight hysterical snap in his voice. 
An older woman looked to be on the verge of tears as she looked for her daughter, saying she didn't know where she was.
Down the hill, near Protsiv Yar, a big crater appeared to have been gouged into the path. The explosion appeared to have destroyed one of the two-story buildings in the area. 
A nearby, taller residential building also appeared to have been struck by a fragment — several top-floor windows knocked out, the area around them charred black.
However, the lights were on in it and the neighboring buildings.
A neighbor, Victoria, who declined to provide her last name, said she heard that a man had been killed and a woman seriously injured. Earlier reports suggested that three people were affected at this location.
Locals who didn't decline to comment reported hearing different numbers of explosions.
Besides a strike, Victoria said she also heard multiple blasts that sounded like they were the result of air defense systems.
She was at home and took shelter in her hallway.
"I was crying, I was so scared," she said. "But now I'm okay. It's done, and we can't do anything about it now. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo:New York Post / East2west News
Death of a Russian oligarch in India expands list of suspicious deaths of well-known Russians:
Pavel Antov, one of the richest Russian MPs, a member of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's party, United Russia, was found dead in an Indian hotel after having apparently fallen out of the window, Indian TV channel NDTV reported on Dec. 26.
Anton’s death was only the latest in a string of mysterious deaths and suicides among the Russian elite since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.
NV recalls the details of these mysterious deaths – 15 in total.
Pavel Antov, one of the richest MPs in Russia
The death of the Russian billionaire and MP from the city of Vladimir was reported on Dec. 26. He was with his friends in India at the moment, celebrating his birthday. He turned 65 on Dec. 22.
According to the official account, he fell from the third floor of a hotel, as his body was found outside lying in a pool of blood. A friend of his had died unexpectedly two days ago.
Antov was the founder of the meat company Vladimir Standard, a member of the United Russia faction in the Russian parliament, and headed the Committee on Agrarian Policy, Nature Management, and Ecology of the Legislative Assembly of Vladimir Oblast. In 2018, Antov topped Forbes' list of the richest Russia's MPs.
Alexander Buzakov, a top official at Admiralty Shipyards, a shipbuilding concern that constructed Russian military submarines
A little known about the death of Alexander Buzakov, 66. He reportedly died unexpectedly on Dec. 24. No reasons were given for his death.
Buzakov had served as the director general of Admiralty Shipyards since 2011. St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov said he fulfilled " the most important government orders, primarily defense ones", in particular the production of diesel-powered submarines capable of launching Kalibr cruise missiles.
Buzakov died the day after he presided over the launch of Project 677 Lada, a new class of Russian-made submarines. --->READ MORE HERE
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