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China’s Migrants Join Global Rush to Biden’s Open Borders; 'We're all fleeing persecution': Chinese Asylum-Seekers Head to US via Darién Gap

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China’s Migrants Join Global Rush to Biden’s Open Borders:
China’s economic migrants are joining the global rush into America as President Joe Biden’s deputies widen legal loopholes in the southern border, according to a U.S.-funded news agency.
The route for China’s migrants goes through Ecuador in South America. Then the migrants take buses, taxis, and boats to reach the deadly Darien Gap jungle trail in Panama, where the United Nations helps them travel further north towards Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States, according to a December 26 article by Radio Free Asia.
The article said:
1,028 Chinese citizens entered Colombia from Ecuador through unofficial channels between January and November 2022, 458 of whom did so in November alone.

Nearly all of them pass through Necoclí, the jumping-off point for the notorious Darién Gap people-smuggling route through the jungle from Panama to Colombia, in a bid to cross eventually into the United States.

According to two shipping companies that ship travelers to the trailhead in Panama, 122 Chinese people have bought tickets during the past week.
A pipeline of 122 people per week adds up to 6,300 a year — if the flow somehow stops growing.
The arrival of more Chinese reflects the growing global awareness that Biden is dangling the hope of U.S. jobs, homes, and lives to ambitious young people everywhere — whatever the huge economic and civic damage to ordinary Americans. --->READ MORE HERE
Courtesy of interviewees
'We're all fleeing persecution': Chinese asylum-seekers head to US via Darién Gap:
It's morning in the Colombian port town of Necoclí, and a large group of Chinese nationals, including three children and a woman with a baby, have their lifejackets on, waiting for a launch to take them across the Gulf of Urabá to a landing point in neighboring Panama.
Elsewhere in the town, people of Chinese descent -- mostly young or middle-aged and predominantly male -- can be seen buying up camping gear and waterproof boots, while others eat in local restaurants with Caribbean salsa blaring outside, despite not knowing a word of Spanish.
They are preparing to brave the Darién Gap, one of the most dangerous people-smuggling routes to the United States, joining hundreds of thousands of others from Venezuela, Haiti, Ecuador and further afield whose tents once turned Necoclí's beaches into scenes resembling a summer festival.
Many businesses have grown up in the town to accommodate their needs, often because the people-smuggling business is far more lucrative than tourism.
"Selling boat tickets to immigrants is a much more important [part of our business] than the tourism business," yacht company owner Freddy Marín says, adding that he sees his company as rendering a valuable service to people in need of help.
Some 80% of Marín's customers come from this trade, he says.
One group of five Chinese travelers eating in one of the cafes says they didn't know each other before they arrived in town, but found each other via social media, and are relying on translation apps to get around the language barrier. --->READ MORE HERE
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