Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Record Number of Migrants Crossed into US in November; A Good Day to bury Bad News: Biden Admin Sneaks Out Figures Showing Highest Number of Illegal Border Crossings EVER for November, with 233,740 Intercepted - and At Least Another 73,000 Allowed to Get Away

Record number of migrants crossed into US in November, Biden administration statistics show
Federal border officials reported a record number of migrant crossings at the southern border in a Friday night release of statistics just before Christmas.
US Customs and Border Protection had 233,740 migrant encounters across the length of the nearly 2,000 mile south in November, the highest ever recorded for that month and up from 178,845 for the same period last year, a more than 30% increase.
At least 16 percent of the migrants encountered had tried to cross the border into the US before.
The data dump from the Department of Homeland Security was first reported by FOX News and the timing led to speculation the Biden administration was trying to keep the new numbers under wraps.
The news was tweeted by Fox’s Bill Melugin in a post that was retweeted by Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk late Friday who responded with two exclamation points.
“In a blatant Friday evening news dump going into Christmas weekend, the federal government has released the November border numbers,” Melugin tweeted. --->READ MORE HERE
A good day to bury bad news: Biden administration sneaks out figures showing highest number of illegal border crossings EVER for November, with 233,740 intercepted - and at least another 73,000 allowed to get away
Border patrol officers on the southern border caught 233,740 illegal immigrants crossing over from Mexico last month.
The figure is the highest number of illegal border crossings ever recorded for November underscoring the chaos that exists even while the Title 42 pandemic border expulsion policy has been delayed.
The Department of Homeland Security announced the numbers quietly on in a Friday night data dump.
Such a move was quickly noticed by journalists who tweeted about the ploy.
'In a blatant Friday evening news dump going into Christmas weekend, the federal government has released the November border numbers. CBP reports 233,740 migrant encounters, the highest November ever recorded, and a large increase over last November (174,845),' wrote Fox News' Bill Melugin.
The tweet was picked up by Twitter CEO Elon Musk who simply responded with exclamation marks '!!'.
The Biden administration is under increasing pressure to solve the crisis, and has asked the Supreme Court to delay the end of Covid-era Title 42 - which makes it easier for the US to expel undocumented migrants - until after the holidays.
The Biden-Harris team is currently facing scrutiny over the chaos at the US-Mexico border as thousands of migrants are expected to try and seek asylum or sneak through.
Desperate migrants huddled at bus stops and propped up makeshift tents in freezing temperatures in El Paso, after making their long and treacherous journeys to Texas.
When broken down, the data reveals significant surges of migrants from Nicaragua and Cuba which offset drops in Venezuelans at the border.
Cubans, who are leaving the island nation in their largest numbers in six decades, were stopped 34,675 times at the U.S. border with Mexico in November, up 21 percent from 28,848 times in October. --->READ MORE HERE
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