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Uncontrolled Immigration Without Assimilation Dilutes America; The Collapse of Europe 6: The Migrant Invasion and the Decline of European Births

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Uncontrolled immigration without assimilation dilutes America:
If you like cream in your coffee (if not, the analogy works with any other drink), keep pouring after you have reached what you would normally drink. If you pour the cream long enough, it will replace the coffee.
That is what is happening at what used to be our southern border before the Biden administration virtually eliminated any barriers to keep migrants and fentanyl from pouring in. It is so bad in El Paso, Texas, that migrants are sleeping on the streets with no place to go and presumably little access to life’s necessities. Schools and hospitals where the migrants go are crowded. Children from as many as 150 nations (according to Border Patrol) who are not proficient in English face learning challenges in a system where American children are already underperforming in subjects such as reading and math.
Local news in El Paso has discovered migrants emerging from manholes, as many as 30 at a time.
They’re coming by the thousands per day and soon by the tens of thousands depending on what the Biden administration does this week when Title 42, a Trump pandemic policy that allows border officials to turn back migrants due to a public health emergency, expires. Even with Title 42 in place, the flow of migrants into the country has continued. Much of the national media have ignored or played down the invasion (let’s call it what it is), but a visit to Fox News dramatically shows the problem. The pictures are undeniable, though the White House lies and denies a problem exists.
If the administration continues to do little or nothing while claiming that the border is secure, what will America become in five years, 10 years, or in the next century? What are the motives behind the people who favor an open border? Do they hate the country? --->READ MORE HERE
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The Collapse of Europe 6: The migrant invasion and the decline of European births:
The last dimension of the collapse of Europe that we will talk about is the migration policy of the European Union. The EU hosts millions of economic migrants from Africa and Asia, most of whom are of the Islamic faith. In the long term, European societies will be at risk, as these migrations will destabilize them.
The rationale for the admission of huge numbers of migrants from Asia and Africa to the EU, put forward by Brussels technocrats and adopted by many European politicians, is demographic. Due to the decline in the number of native European births (natality), a problem is expected to arise in the future, because there will be too much of an old population in Europe, which the younger Europeans will not be able to provide for and care for. Since the birth rate is very high in Asia and Africa, European decision-makers hypothesised that the solution for Europe in this sense is to import migrants from other continents. In return for a better life, these migrants are supposed to take care of old Europeans, which means paying contributions from which pensions for old Europeans’ will be drawn and provide services that old Europeans will need. It sounds too good to be true. And it is because the hypothesis is completely wrong.
Non-European migration is not a demographic solution
The described hypothesis falls flat because it contains many assumptions that are not true at all. The first problem is that the potential workforce coming to Europe is mostly unskilled. Migrants who come to Europe come from some parts of the world that are so poorly developed compared to Europe that they do not even give newcomers the ability to work in Europe, because life in Europe is so much more complicated or challenging as it is in the mentioned parts of the world, many migrants in Europe will never get a job, even if they wanted one, because they simply do not have enough developed skills. Here, of course, the reason is not race, but the reason is the environment, because the same thing would happen to a European who was taken as a baby to that backward part of the world and would later come to Europe in adulthood.
Another problem is that many newcomers from other continents do not even want a job in Europe. The social support they get in Europe means even wealth in some parts of the world. If a migrant sends a part of it home, this – for European conditions – change can support entire families there very well. Even a bad life in Europe is better than the life of the middle classes in the third world, so migrants who are not looking for a job in Europe do not feel a lack of living standards at all and do not even have the motivation to look for a job.
The third problem is that the hypothesis described in the previous section is based on a high level of European humanity. It should be emphasised that European humanity has developed in the last century. It was made possible by European prosperity. Humanity naturally exists in underdeveloped parts of the world, as people are social beings, but by no means is this level of humanity and reciprocity as high as in Europe. The idea that Asian and African newcomers will take care of elderly Europeans is therefore completely illusory.
The fourth and at the same time the biggest problem is that the hypothesis is based on the theory of multiculturalism, which assumes that the cultural tolerance of Asian and African newcomers to Europe is similar or the same as the cultural tolerance of Europeans. Europeans developed high tolerance not only because of European prosperity, but also because of the experience of the destruction of two world wars in Europe, which completely devastated Europe and took tens of millions of European lives. Asians and Africans do not have this experience. Opposite. They do not understand the reasons for such European migration policies at all. European “generosity” is associated by many with the stupidity and weakness of Europeans, which means that they have no respect for Europeans, as they consider them to be weaklings. Since they come from environments where the system is designed in such a way (as it once was in Europe) that only the strongest survive, their motive is above all to make the most of themselves at the expense of Europeans. In addition, in Europe they maintain their values and way of life, as they were used to at home, which is why more and more Islamic ghettos are emerging in Europe in big cities. --->READ MORE HERE
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