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Federal Court Permanently Blocks Biden’s Gender Transition Mandate'; Court Shuts Down Biden Attempt To Force Doctors To Sterilize Sex-Confused Patients; 'General Public Unaware' Of Push to Normalize Pedophilia In Culture And Academia

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Federal Court Permanently Blocks Biden’s Gender Transition Mandate:
A federal appeals court has permanently blocked the Biden administration’s mandate on doctors and hospitals forcing them to perform gender transition procedures against their conscience.
The Eighth Circuit appeals court is the second circuit to block the mandate, after the Fifth Circuit ruled similarly earlier this year in Franciscan Alliance v. Becerra. The plaintiffs, a coalition of Catholic hospitals, a Catholic university, and Catholic nuns who run healthcare clinics for the poor, were represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.
“The federal government has no business forcing doctors to violate their consciences or perform controversial procedures that could permanently harm their patients,” Becket vice president and senior counsel Luke Goodrich said in a press release. “This is a common-sense ruling that protects patients, aligns with best medical practice, and ensures doctors can follow their Hippocratic Oath to ‘do no harm.’”
After inheriting the mandate from the Obama administration, the Biden administration sought to force doctors to perform “gender transition” surgeries — mutilation — and prescribe puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone drugs, and other procedures.
Invoking the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Biden administration threatened noncompliant hospitals and doctors with millions of dollars in financial penalties, as it attempted to enforce its redefinition of discrimination on the basis of sex to include gender identity.
The Eighth Circuit affirmed the original district court opinion, ruling, “district court correctly held that ‘intrusion upon the Catholic Plaintiffs’ exercise of religion.'” --->READ MORE HERE
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'General Public Unaware' Of Push to Normalize Pedophilia In Culture And Academia:
Colorado mom Lydia Lerma feels punched when she hears the trendy new term “minor-attracted person.” Just thinking of the damage a pedophile inflicted upon her son, who was six at the time, causes pain.
Creating a polite-sounding term for someone sexually attracted to children enrages her.
Any push to normalize pedophilia or designate it as another sexual orientation to be tolerated is “unconscionable,” Lerma told The Epoch Times.
“That’s a bunch of [expletive]!” she said of academics pushing acceptance of pedophilia.
“They are going to face the greatest resistance that they have ever seen. Society is not going to let that happen.”
But in academic circles, some have begun to argue that pedophilia should be considered just another sexual orientation, not a mental disorder.
And a therapist who treats pedophiles told The Epoch Times that he believes pedophilia is on its way to becoming normalized.
‘Like Any Other Sexual Orientation’
In 2018, medical student Mirjam Heine, who said she had a background in psychology, gave a presentation called “Pedophilia is a Natural Sexual Orientation” during a TEDx event at the University of Würtzberg in Germany. A program guide for TEDx said she was mainly guided by the works of Prof. Dr. Klaus Michael Beier, the head of the institute for sexology and sexual medicine at the University Hospital Berlin, and the prevention network “Kein Täter Werden.”
In her remarks, Heine said pedophilia is an “unchangeable sexual orientation,” just like heterosexuality.
“No one chooses to be a pedophile; no one can cease being one,” Heine argued during her talk. “The difference between pedophilia and other sexual orientations is that living out this sexual orientation will end in a disaster.”
Most countries in the world, including the United States, outlaw adults having sexual contact or intercourse with children in most situations.
The term minor-attracted person grabbed headlines after professor Allyn Walker used it during a discussion on pedophiles in November 2021. Walker, a woman who transitioned to live as a man, was discussing her book: “A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.--->READ MORE HERE
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