Monday, October 3, 2022

Migrants Being Sent to NYC Not Forced Onto Buses, Texas Shelter Boss Says; As Migrant Buses Take Thousands, Some Embrace the Ride North

Migrants being sent to NYC not forced onto buses, Texas shelter boss says:
Nearly a quarter of all migrants passing through an El Paso, Texas, shelter want to go to New York City and are not being forced onto buses against their will, according to the boss of the charity that runs it.
Blake Barrow, CEO of the El Paso Rescue Mission, published an open letter on Wednesday, begging the Biden administration for help with the migrant crisis, which he says has overwhelmed his organization.
“We have all heard press reports about bussing migrants to different parts of the country. Here are the facts as I have seen them: Almost all of the migrants arrive with an idea of an ultimate destination,” Barrow wrote in the letter.
“About 20% of them want to go to New York. The city has been chartering busses to Nemigrant bw York to assist those desiring that destination. I am not aware of anyone being placed on a bus to New York who did not want to go there,” Barrow continued.
Mario D’Agostino, El Paso’s deputy health manager, confirmed that most of the migrants entering the US through Mexico want to go to New York.
“By far, the vast majority of them have requested to go to New York City,” he told Fox News. “We’ve also had several large groups that are asking to go to Chicago.”
These statements appear to run counter to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ claims that migrants were being forced onto buses headed for the Big Apple, even if they wanted to go elsewhere. --->READ MORE HERE
As Migrant Buses Take Thousands, Some Embrace the Ride North:
Three days after Yordalis Bermudez crossed the Rio Grande into Texas, she and her family faced the same daunting question thousands of migrants do each day: what to do next.
“I didn’t have any idea where I was going to go,” said the 22-year-old Venezuelan native, who arrived with her husband and infant son.
Ms. Bermudez hopes to receive asylum, a process that can take years. Federal immigration authorities scheduled the family’s first court hearing in New York, so when officials at a border shelter said they could put her on a free bus to the city, she joined the nearly 13,000 people who have been transported to the other side of the country by state officials in Texas and Arizona.
Florida’s recent flights ferrying 49 migrants by plane from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard have generated a lawsuit, a criminal investigation and national controversy.
The human impact of that episode is small compared with the busing programs the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona have been operating since the spring to quickly transport migrants from the border states most affected by this year’s surge in illegal immigration. They initially all went to Washington, D.C., and some from Texas now go to New York and Chicago.
Migrant advocates and Democrats have accused the governors of using the migrants as pawns in a political stunt. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey have countered that they are seeking to share the burden of a record migrant surge with states and cities led by Democrats whose policies they argue are drawing people to enter the U.S. illegally.
Among those affected, the buses have proven less controversial. Several migrants said they were happy to take advantage of the easily available free rides to quickly start establishing a new life in parts of the country far from the border. --->READ MORE HERE
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