Thursday, October 20, 2022

Biden’s Overwhelmed DHS Desperate for Help in Vetting American Sponsors of Ukrainian Refugees; United States: Humanitarian Parole Process for Ukrainian Citizens

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Biden’s overwhelmed DHS desperate for help in vetting American sponsors of Ukrainian refugees:
Homeland Security is rushing to recruit volunteers from within its ranks to vet Americans who want to sponsor Ukrainians fleeing their country amid the ongoing war with Russia.
The move is the latest sign that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is overwhelmed by the demands the Biden administration is placing on it, according to former officials who worry that the raw recruits are being sought to “rubber-stamp” all applications.
The volunteers are supposed to carry out the Biden administration’s plan to welcome 100,000 Ukrainian migrants by connecting them with sponsors who have vowed to make sure the newcomers are financially supported and don’t become a burden on taxpayers.
Volunteers will check out the would-be sponsors’ claims of financial backing.
“This critical work ensures that U.S.-based supporters are vetted by USCIS and are able to support Ukrainian beneficiaries, who are seeking to be paroled into the United States,” USCIS, a Homeland Security agency, said in its plea for help.
Rob Law, former head of USCIS’ policy and strategy office in the Trump administration, said the call for volunteers shows the Biden team doesn’t “take the vetting seriously.” --->READ MORE HERE
United States: Humanitarian Parole Process for Ukrainian Citizens:
At a glance
  • Starting today, Ukrainian citizens can be sponsored for humanitarian parole online under the Uniting for Ukraine program, a new application process. 
  • To qualify, beneficiaries must have been resident in Ukraine immediately prior to the Russian invasion through February 11, 2022, hold a valid Ukrainian passport or be the spouse, common law partner or child of a Ukrainian citizen, and have a U.S.-based sponsor. 
  • U.S. sponsors initiate the process by filing a declaration of support with USCIS, certifying their commitment to provide financial and other support to named beneficiaries. 
  • Approved beneficiaries are eligible for parole into the United States and work authorization for up to two years.

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