Thursday, October 20, 2022

43 Kamikaze Drones Flew Over Ukraine Since Sunday Evening, 37 Were Shot Down; Mobilized Russian Soldiers Dying in Droves After Going to War with No Training; Will Russia's Conscript Woes Roil Putin's Government?; RU faces acute logistical issues in S Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

43 kamikaze drones flew over Ukraine since Sunday evening, 37 were shot down - Air Force:
Since Sunday evening, 37 kamikaze drones, which were used by Russia to attack Ukraine, have been destroyed.
Source: Yurii Ihnat, spokesman for Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at a briefing in the Ukraine media centre, and on air during the joint 24/7 national newscast
Quote by Ihnat: "43 [drones], all flew from the south; 37 were destroyed. All forces and resources, aircraft and anti-aircraft missile systems and other defence forces were involved. At least 86% [of the downed UAVs] are the destroyed Shaheds. This is a pretty good result.
Let the military do their job. You don't need to shoot [the drones] from the window, because bullets in densely populated cities [may] then bounce back on people's heads." --->READ MORE HERE
Mobilized Russian soldiers dying in droves after going to war with no training:
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military conscription has sent ill-prepared troops into battle with scant equipment — and is bringing them home in body bags.
The Kremlin’s so-called “partial mobilization” has been winding down this month, military experts said, after sparking mass protests, several violent outbreaks, and a mass exodus of fighting-age men from Russia.
The plan intended to send hundreds of thousands of reservists to the front lines in response to a successful Ukrainian counterattack in eastern and southern Ukraine.
The untrained Russian soldiers, however, clashed with Ukraine’s highly motivated and well-equipped army.
Some draftees said on social media that they were deployed mere days after receiving mobilization notices — despite Kremlin assurances of training.
Natalya Loseva, deputy editor-in-chief of state-run media outlet RT, confirmed last week the death of her friend Lyosha Martynov, a 28-year-old civil servant who had been mobilized in late September.
“In his youth, he served in the Semyonovsky regiment,” she said in a Telegram post, referencing a guard unit that provides Kremlin security.
“Zero combat experience,” she said of her friend. “[He] was sent to the front almost a few days later [after his mobilization.]”
“Military leaders, now is not the time to lie,” she admonished. --->READ MORE HERE
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