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Russians ‘about to run out of steam’ in Ukraine, UK Intel Chief Richard Moore says; Russia’s Donbas Offensive Slows as Ukraine Takes Advantage of Western Arms; Inside Ukraine’s covert operation to take out elite Wagner Group mercenaries in Donbas; US Considers Supplying Ukraine With Fighter Jets, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Russians ‘about to run out of steam’ in Ukraine, UK intel chief Richard Moore says:
Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is flagging, and his forces will soon lose momentum, Britain’s top spy predicted Thursday.
“I think they’re about to run out of steam,” MI6 Chief Richard Moore said Thursday during a Q-and-A session at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. “Our assessment is that the Russians will increasingly find it difficult to supply manpower [and] materiel over the next few weeks.”
As a result, Moore prognosticated, Moscow’s troops “will have to pause in some way, and that will give the Ukrainians some opportunity to strike back.”
Of the Ukrainians, who have received multiple shipments of fresh Western weaponry in recent weeks, Moore said: “Their morale is still high, and they’re starting to receive increasing amounts of good weaponry.”
The head of Britain’s overseas intelligence services acknowledged recent Russian gains in the Donbas and southern Ukraine, but warned that the Kremlin’s troops were stretching their supply chain thin.
“It’s obviously not over,” he said of the war. “The Russian forces have have made some incremental progress over recent weeks and months, but it’s tiny amounts — were talking about a small number of miles of advance.” --->READ MORE HERE
Russia’s Donbas Offensive Slows as Ukraine Takes Advantage of Western Arms:
Arrival of longer-range weapons has allowed Ukraine to sever Russian supply lines
Western weapons deliveries and Ukrainian strikes on Russian arms depots are forcing Russia to largely halt its advance in eastern parts of Ukraine where Moscow seized swaths of territory but is now facing logistical and resupply issues.
Ukraine has continued to target military assets on territory occupied by Russia and across the Russian border. Recent deliveries of U.S. Himars rocket systems have enabled its forces to reach deep into Russian-held areas, though Kyiv says it is abiding by a U.S. request that it refrain from using Western weapons to hit territory inside Russia.
Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, said Wednesday that the Biden administration is discussing how to reinforce Ukraine’s jet fighter fleet, including with new planes, a move that would dramatically expand Western involvement in the war. Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, he said additional jets for the Ukrainians could come from a range of different allies.
“There’s a number of different platforms that could go to Ukraine.…It’ll be something non-Russian. I could probably tell you that,” Gen. Brown said. “But I can’t tell you exactly what it’s going to be.” --->READ MORE HERE
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