Sunday, July 24, 2022

Pro-Migration Group: Of Course Migration Cuts Americans’ Wages

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A business-backed, pro-migration advocacy group openly says the federal government can and should cut Americans’ food industry wages by importing more legal migrant workers.
The reluctance of many Americans to work in the meat and dairy industries has forced employers to raise wages by one-third since 2020 — albeit to just $40,000 per year — says a new report by the American Immigration Council, a pro-migration advocacy group.
Those long-delayed pay gains are good for American employees. They also fuel consumer spending and economic development in their rural communities, which is a benefit for legislators who oppose cheap labor migration.
But the pay gains are raising the retail costs of the employers’ meat and dairy products by about six cents on the dollar, says the report, titled “Tending to America’s Food Supply.”
So the pay gains — and the commingled inflation — have offset the companies’ stock market gains since President Joe Biden restarted the inflow of illegal migrants in January 2021.
The fix for the rising wages and prices, according to the AIC’s report, is to force down the Americans’ wages by flooding Americans’ national labor market with cheap and desperate legal migrant workers:
The current labor crisis, which is forcing employers to pay higher wages to attract workers, has increased production costs even more.

The labor shortage has led to increased production costs for farmers and employers and higher food prices for American shoppers. If the United States is to stabilize its food workforce—and thus stabilize prices—it must consider expanding temporary work visa programs.
The AIC report admits that Americans fill the majority of jobs in the meat and dairy sectors. Americans comprise 74 percent of drivers in the meat industry, 55 percent of meatpackers, 80 percent of workers in the livestock industry, and almost 80 percent in the dairy industry.
“It’s despicable this organization would demand that the federal government reduce Americans’ wages by importing additional foreign labor,” said Rosemary Jenks, the director of government relations for NumbersUSA. She told Breitbart News:
It also means higher housing costs and worse education outcomes because we have to support the Americans whose wages have been cut, and you’re going to have to support the [low-wage] foreign workers … It is just beyond me how they can have such disregard for their fellow Americans.
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