Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Border Patrol Agents Cleared of Whipping Illegal Immigrants: Biden had vowed agents 'will pay' after September border intrusion; Texas AG Ken Paxton Demands Apology for Mounted Border Patrol Agents from the Biden Administration

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Border Patrol agents cleared of whipping illegal immigrants:
Biden had vowed agents 'will pay' after September border intrusion
Border Patrol agents didn’t whip or strike Haitian migrants last year, a lengthy internal affairs investigation concluded Friday, but some agents did use excessive force by positioning their horses in the Rio Grande to try to keep the migrants from reaching the U.S.
Investigators largely faulted agency leaders, saying they lacked clear goals for dealing with the unprecedented incursion of 15,000 migrants who established a squatters camp on the American side of the river, then began to come and go freely from Mexico, challenging the integrity of the border.
Though all agents have been cleared of criminal charges, four have been recommended to face disciplinary action over their use of force and, in one case, for insulting language used against migrants. Those cases are still pending, officials said, and the agent remains on desk duty nearly 10 months after the incident, which drew international attention.
Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus said they showed “discrimination” and “intolerance.”
“It’s clear from the investigation that decisions made by some of the agency’s leadership and the lack of appropriate policies and training all contributed to the incident. But there is no justification for the lack of actions of some of personnel, including unprofessional and deeply offensive conduct,” Mr. Magnus said. --->READ MORE HERE
Texas AG Ken Paxton demands apology for mounted Border Patrol agents
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is demanding the Biden administration apologize for falsely accusing four mounted Border Patrol agents of whipping Haitian migrants at the southern border with Mexico last year.
“There’s no doubt this was political,” Paxton told Fox News Friday, joining other Republicans in demanding a mea culpa from the president.
“And it’s really unfortunate that these border agents who’ve given their lives to securing our border and defending Americans [sic]. And here they are being punished; they should be rewarded,” he added.
A 511-page report released by the US Customs and Border Protection Office of Personal Responsibility this week found that the whipping allegations were false and cleared the agents. --->READ MORE HERE
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