Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Ukraine Hits Military Depots in Russian-Controlled Cities; Ukrainian rockets reportedly strike Russian forces, killing 52; Ukraine says it recaptured village in occupied Kherson region; Emergency services: Death toll from collapsed Donbas apartment block rises to 43, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine Hits Military Depots in Russian-Controlled Cities:
Long-range rockets provided by the U.S. ‘have changed the rules of the game,’ Ukrainian official says
Ukrainian forces struck ammunition depots deep inside Russian-occupied territory in the south and east of the country, as Russia shelled Ukrainian cities in the east in its push to capture the entirety of the Donbas area, Ukrainian officials said.
The long-range strikes presage the next phase of the war, with Ukraine aiming to liberate its southern regions from Russia and Moscow looking to seize more of Ukraine’s east.
Ukraine used multiple-launch rocket systems known as Himars and provided by the U.S. to carry out 30 strikes in recent days against high-value targets such as ammunition depots and command posts, said Oleksiy Arestovych, a Ukrainian presidential adviser.
Himars “have changed the rules of the game on the battlefield to our advantage,” Mr. Arestovych said in a video posted on social media.
Ukraine claimed a success in its efforts in the south Monday, saying that eight foreign ships accessed ports on the Danube after Ukrainian forces ousted Russia’s military from the strategic Snake Island in the Black Sea. Ukraine, a major wheat exporter, has struggled to export its grains since Russia seized its main ports, causing food shortages world-wide.
One depot strike happened late Monday in Nova Kakhovka, a city on the southern bank of the Dnipro River that Russia seized in the early days of the war, Ukraine’s military said. Mr. Arestovych said the strike was carried out with a Himars. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukrainian rockets reportedly strike Russian forces, killing 52:
Ukrainian rockets struck Russian forces in the country’s south on Tuesday and killed 52 people, Kyiv said.
The attack, which has not been independently verified, apparently hit the town of Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region with long-range rockets.
The rockets also destroyed Russian ammunition, including seven armored vehicles, Ukraine’s southern military command said.
Ukraine said the strike signals their new counter-offensive to hit back at the Kremlin in the south with hundreds of thousands of troops.
Russian officials said they had been attacked by HIMARS missiles, which have recently been provided to Ukraine by the US and hailed by Kyiv as a “game-changer” in its fight.
“There are still many people under the rubble. The injured are being taken to the hospital, but many people are blocked in their apartments and houses,” a Russian news agency quoted a military official saying. The Kremlin said so far at least seven people have died and around 60 are injured. --->READ MORE HERE
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