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Mexico Sues U.S. Gun Makers For Crime While Fueling Violent Cartels; Here Is The Soros Connection To Attorneys General Supporting Mexico’s Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit In The U.S.

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Mexico Sues U.S. Gun Makers For Crime While Fueling Violent Cartels:
Mexico’s secretary for foreign affairs wants to destroy Americans’ God-given rights — and use the U.S. legal system to attempt it.
Mexico is using U.S. courts to shift blame to gun manufacturers for Mexico’s failure to drag drug cartel leaders and narco-terrorists into its courtrooms. The audacity of the maneuver would be comical if it didn’t have such deadly consequences on both sides of the border.
Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs, took a victory lap for both himself and the government of Mexico being named The Arms Control Association’s 2021 “Person of the Year.” Ebrarb didn’t earn the distinction because he curbed the illegal gun trafficking, narco-terrorism, and murder that’s plaguing his country. His distinction is mocking America’s judicial system by dragging U.S. firearm manufacturers into court for a $10 billion shakedown that would put America’s gun industry out of business and America’s Second Amendment at the mercy of foreign powers.
Mexico’s government, with the help of the gun control group Brady United, alleges U.S.-based gun manufacturers are negligent in their business practices because Mexican-based drug cartels and narco-terrorists are murdering Mexican citizens. Their lawsuit outrageously claims these companies are knowingly flooding Mexico with illegal guns.
That’s just a plain perversion of basic facts. Moreover, it’s an assault on America’s God-given rights, which, of course, Mexican citizens can’t exercise in their country.
Instead of tackling the rampant crime that has been plaguing Mexico for decades, Ebrard—with the blessing of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his “Hugs, not bullets” approach to violent drug cartels—is shifting the blame for Mexico’s failures. He’s using U.S. courts to do it, scapegoating a lawful industry that’s the convenient target of the ire of the Biden administration and gun control groups, and subjugating constitutionally protected God-given rights to cover up Mexico’s unwillingness to enforce its own laws.
Mexico’s unchecked violence is directly linked to the illicit drug trade, human trafficking, and organized crime cartels that victimize Mexico’s citizens. Ebrarb and Mexico’s government have shown no willingness to meaningfully face this scourge. Their approach instead is a $10 billion squeeze that is doomed to fail. --->READ MORE HERE
Here Is The Soros Connection To Attorneys General Supporting Mexico’s Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit In The U.S.:
It should raise eyebrows when 14 state attorneys general side with a foreign nation to sue U.S. gun manufacturers out of business. After all, these are individuals sworn to defend the rights of the citizens of their states and defend the Constitution.
It raises the question of who and what would influence them to abandon their oath. A common thread is turning out to be the left-leaning billionaire George Soros who has been behind not just the attorneys general to eradicate gun rights in America, but is a funder of the district attorneys coming under fire for policies that sent crime skyrocketing in the United States.
Fourteen attorneys general filed amicus briefs supporting Mexico’s lawsuit against U.S.-based firearm manufacturers. Mexico is seeking $10 billion in damages alleging those manufacturers participate in negligent business practices and are responsible for “massive damage” that is “destabilizing” their country. The case is being ushered along by Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
“The Amici States – Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon – have a strong interest in preserving the remedies afforded by state common law and by state statutes,” wrote the attorneys general of the states. “We also have a paramount interest in preserving all lawful tools — including statutory and common law remedies for unlawful conduct — to deter gun violence within our borders.”
One of those tools happens to be the deep pockets of billionaire ultra-liberal Soros, a gun grabber on an international scale. Soros is a perennial donator to leftist political candidates including those that support gun control.
Connections --->READ MORE HERE
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