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Lack of Fuel and Food Hinders Russian Advance on Kyiv, Pentagon says; ‘Morale is flagging’ among desperate Russian soldiers in Ukraine; Russian Hit Squad Sent to Assassinate Zelensky ‘Eliminated’; NY post: Russia-Ukraine LIVE UPDATES, and related stories

Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP
Lack of fuel and food hinders Russian advance on Kyiv, Pentagon says:
Russia can sell its fuel in markets around the world but apparently cannot supply the tanks President Vladimir Putin sent into neighboring Ukraine as part of an invasion now nearly a week old. On Tuesday, Pentagon officials said a massive Russian armored column has been bogged down on its advance to Kyiv in part because of lack of supplies.
A senior Defense Department official said the Russian column has faced greater resistance than it expected and not just from a vigorous Ukrainian resistance.
“What we’re seeing are columns that are literally out of gas and now they’re starting to run out of food for their troops,” the official told reporters at the Pentagon. “We’re only on Day 6” of the invasion.
Russia‘s troops in Ukraine are primarily conscripts pressed into military service and Pentagon officials said they have seen signs that morale in some of the units is low.
“Not all of them are fully-trained or prepared, or even aware that they were going to be sent into a combat operation,” the senior Defense Department official said in a background briefing. “We do have indications that some [Russian] units have surrendered without a fight.” --->READ MORE HERE
REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko
‘Morale is flagging’ among desperate Russian soldiers in Ukraine: US official:
Some of the Russian soldiers who invaded Ukraine are so unhappy with their mission that they’ve started sabotaging their own vehicles and surrendering in droves, the Pentagon revealed Tuesday.
“Not all of them were apparently fully trained and prepared, or even aware that they were going to be sent into a combat operation,” a senior Defense Department official told reporters during a background briefing.
“We have picked up independently, on our own, indications that morale is flagging in some of these units.”
The acts of vandalism include puncturing vehicle gas tanks, presumably so the soldiers can avoid being transported into combat, the official said.
Entire units of Russian soldiers — many of whom are young draftees with little taste for warfare — have even laid down their weapons and given up rather than fight Ukraine’s highly motivated defenders, the official said.
The Ukrainian Security Service has posted video clips online that purportedly show Russian prisoners of war claiming they thought they were merely taking part in military exercises before they wound up being part of the invasion force. --->READ MORE HERE
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