Sunday, October 3, 2021

Senate Rejects GOP Amendment Prohibiting Funding for Vaccine Mandate Enforcement; Biden's Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining Companies $70,000 To $700,000? ... and other C-Virus related stories

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Senate Rejects GOP Amendment Prohibiting Funding for Vaccine Mandate Enforcement:
An amendment to the short-term government funding bill that would have banned the use of federal funds to enforce COVID-19 vaccine mandates failed in the Senate on Thursday.
The amendment, which failed in a 50-50 vote, was introduced by Senator Roger Marshall (R., Kansas) in response to President Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal employees and companies with more than 100 employees.
Marshall noted that while he, his wife and his parents had all received the vaccine, he believes the decision to get vaccinated is a “personal choice between individuals and their doctor” and should not be “mandated via unconstitutional executive actions that the administration recently acknowledged they didn’t have authority to put in place.”
“No precedent exists in American history for punishing private employers who don’t enforce government vaccination edicts,” he added. “Astonishingly, House Democrats included fines up to $700,000 on businesses that have unvaccinated employees as a way to pay for their out of control spending. Make no mistake, this vaccine mandate is not about public health or science. If it were, we’d recognize natural immunity. We’d recognize natural immunity as a highly effective way to combat the virus.” --->READ MORE HERE
Biden's Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining Companies $70,000 To $700,000?
President Joe Biden didn’t just announce a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on companies employing 100 or more people, he plans to enforce it.
On Saturday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House quietly tucked an enforcement mechanism into their $3.5 trillion “reconciliation” bill, passed it out of the Budget Committee, and sent it to the House floor.
Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that “willfully,” “repeatedly,” or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees.
The increased fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations—almost three-quarters of a million dollars for each fine. If enacted into law, vax enforcement could bankrupt non-compliant companies even more quickly than the $14,000 OSHA fine anticipated under Biden’s announced mandate.
The Biden Administration has already started implementing its vaccine mandate enforcement blueprint: --->READ MORE HERE
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