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Biden Says the Southern Border is Closed. IT ISN'T; C. American Official: We Tried to Warn Biden Admin About Haitian Migrants... Now an Even Bigger Surge Is Coming; Panama Govt Warns Thousands More Migrants Coming for Border, and related stories

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Biden says the southern border is closed. It isn’t​:
His administration is taking a 'hear no evil, see no evil' approach
For eight months now, Americans have heard the Biden administration repeatedly insist the southern border “is closed.” And every single month, Americans are reminded what a bald-faced lie that is.
Our southern border isn’t closed. It is wide open and being overrun thanks to Joe Biden’s failures. The numbers prove it.
In August, Customs and Border Protection agents caught more than 208,000 illegal immigrants trying to cross the southern border. Those are the highest August apprehension numbers in 21 years. It’s the second month in a row border encounters surpassed 200,000. They’re a more than three-fold increase from just a year ago.
The situation has gotten so bad that the Biden administration is releasing migrants into our country’s interior, not only along the southern border.
Overwhelmed by the mounting evidence, Mr. Biden finally admitted he didn’t have the border under control last week. Never mind, this concession comes after months of Mr. Biden saying just the opposite or shrugging off the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration as a seasonal spike that happens “every single year.” Fact check – it doesn’t. --->READ MORE HERE
Central American Official: We Tried to Warn Biden Admin About Haitian Migrants... Now an Even Bigger Surge Is Coming:
The Biden administration was warned about a surge of Haitian migrants heading for the southern border, according to Panama’s foreign minister.
In an interview with Axios, Erika Mouynes said “we sounded the alarm when we should have.”
“We’ve engaged with every single authority that we can think of, that we can come across, to say, ‘Please, let’s pay attention to this,'” Mouynes said.
She also said the mass of more than 15,000 Haitians who camped out under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, early this month is nothing compared to what is coming.
Mouynes estimated another 60,000 Haitian migrants are on their way north from Panama, with about 27,000 expected to cross a section of the country known as the Darien Gap this month. That’s higher than the total number from 2019, she said.
“Let’s recognize that they all are heading toward the U.S.,” she said, calling for action after meetings with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and members of Congress. --->READ MORE HERE
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