Sunday, October 3, 2021

How’s the Anti-Trump Doing? NOT SO GOOD

Joe Biden was touted by his supporters as the anti-Trump, the seasoned politician and “centrist” who had the experience, gravitas, and governing skills that the radical “demagogue” Donald Trump lacked. Supposedly, Biden also possessed the respect for “democratic norms” and the “empathy” lacking in the abrasive tweetster and crude-talking ex-reality show host. Elect Biden, the pitch went, and the “adults” will be back in charge, the sacred “norms” and “decorum” once again respected, and our status in the world restored.
This appeal, of course, depended on hyping Trump’s “mean” tweets and rhetoric, while ignoring his successful first term achievements both at home and abroad. It also required burnishing Biden’s decades of mediocrity and trimming, his gaffes and plagiarism, his unseemly attention to women and girls, and the stench of corruption wafting from his career. Indeed, the odor was so strong that his media and social media courtiers had to discredit, censor, and embargo the blockbuster New York Post story about son Hunter’s laptop and emails, which we now know is authentic and contains strong, corroborated evidence of Biden’s complicity in his son’s influence-peddling grift. And as the campaign progressed, the Dems’ media flaks were compelled to ignore as well the obvious signs of Biden’s cognitive decline.
But last November the Dems and the media pulled Biden across the finish line, leaving another bad odor of electoral anomalies the bipartisan establishment keeps declaring is actually the stink of conspiracy theories that––without a thorough investigation conducted to settle the issue–– they somehow know are in fact MAGA fantasies. Biden took office, and immediately began undoing Trump’s successes, as if to show that his policies, like his confected “presidential” persona, will be the antitheses of Trump’s.
In just eight months, we have now a record with which we can judge that governing principle.
Start with climate change, or more correctly, anthropogenic, catastrophic global warming (ACGW). This dubious hypothesis in recent years has been weakened by its record of failed predictions, preposterous claims about severe weather events, the exposure of false and manipulated data, and the abysmal failure of numerous contradicting computer models substituting for empirical evidence and an incomplete understanding of how global climate functions. Physicists like Steve Koonin in his book Unsettled, have exposed all the other weaknesses in the claims of impending doom if carbon-based fuels aren’t banished.
Those lurid apocalyptic prophesies, moreover, are vastly exaggerated. as Bjorn Lomborg has recently written,
The challenge climate change poses, both to the environment and society, looks rather small compared to those humanity has already met. Noble Prize-winning climate economist William Nordhaus has shown that a 6.3-degree Fahrenheit rise in world temperatures by 2100—which is probable if policy makers do little to stop climate change—would cost only 2.8% of global GDP a year.
Given that the UN projects the average person to be 434% as rich in 2100 as today, Bjorn continues, that reduction would still leave a lot of money for mitigating any adverse effects of ACGW.
Yet the globalist elites continue to push solutions to this ginned-up crisis with multinational agreements that compromise both our national sovereignty and our economy. That’s why Trump withdrew from the Paris Accords, which even if fully implemented would not reduce warming enough to make a difference, given that China and India, the first and third largest emitters of CO2, get a pass. At the UN, China did promise to stop building coal-fired power plants––abroad, while it builds them at home non-stop.
But the anti-Trump Joe Biden, apparently ignorant of all these reservations and qualifications, rejoined the agreement, and in a recent address to the UN promised billions of dollars we don’t have to developing nations for reducing emission and converting to inefficient “green energy,” enriching the international “renewable energy” grifters.
This comes on top of other Biden actions against our energy producers: cancelling the Keystone X pipeline, banning fracking, and “pausing” oil and gas leases on public lands.
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