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Trump EVISCERATES Biden's Weak-Kneed Response to Communist Oppression in Cuba; Cuba Tried Communism. It Failed Again, and related stories

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Trump EVISCERATES Biden's Weak-Kneed Response to Communist Oppression in Cuba:
On Thursday, former President Donald Trump slammed the Biden administration’s unwillingness to condemn the communist oppression in Cuba by name. While President Joe Biden rightly supported the freedom fighters who took to the streets in Cuba, he did not mention communism or socialism in his denunciation of “Cuba’s authoritarian regime.” On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary refused to condemn communism by name, instead referring to the Cuban government’s “mismanagement.”
Trump mentioned communism in his very first sentence.
“The proud people of Cuba are desperate to be free from the iron boot heel of the Island’s wicked Communist Regime,” the former president wrote. “These incredible warriors for freedom risk everything to take to the streets in their quest for freedom. I stand in total solidarity with the freedom fighters in Cuba and the brave Cuban Americans who have watched their families suffer in the motherland at the hands of this heartless and brutal regime.”
Then Trump turned to the Biden administration’s fecklessness.
“The Biden Administration’s refusal to forcefully condemn Communism and the Cuban Communist Regime is a national travesty,” the former president declared. “The Biden Administration’s ludicrous suggestion that the Cubans are protesting government mismanagement—not brutal Communist oppression—is an insult to every Cuban patriot who has suffered, been imprisoned, or died in pursuit of freedom.”
“Today’s Democrat Party is so far left they can’t even take a stand against violent Communism,” Trump declared. “Many are Communists themselves!” --->READ MORE HERE
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Cuba tried communism. It failed again:
All socialist paradises over the past 100 years have ended in mass graves, hunger and repression
The USSR. Venezuela. Now Cuba. All were held up as Marxist utopias, as was Hitler’s National Socialist regime and former Socialist Party leader Benito Mussolini’s fascism. But when things go wrong, as they always do, apologists treat us to the same absurd claim: “Real communism has never been tried.” In the words of Sting, “It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore,” except too many supposedly smart people do.
America’s foremost socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), insists the U.S. embargo caused the Cuban people to revolt over COVID-19. Never mind that the embargo doesn’t block medical supplies, or that protestors are waving the Stars & Stripes, not the hammer and sickle. Bernie’s go-to move is blaming America, just as he did when Venezuela and Nicaragua imploded. The last time we saw someone spinning this furiously, Superman was reversing the earth’s rotation to save Lois Lane.
Clay Travis (co-host of my daytime gig, “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show”) recently broke down the problem, citing a Wall Street Journal editorial. “[O]ne of the ways that Cuba funds its government right now is by sending its doctors and nurses overseas,” Travis said, “getting compensated in their real dollar value, taking all of that money themselves, and then paying those doctors and nurses a fraction.” --->READ MORE HERE
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