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Catch-and-Release Migrants Defy Homeland Security Orders to Check In; Why Illegal Immigrants Are Being Released Without Court Dates, and related stories

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Most illegal immigrants are no-shows after catch-and-release:
Less than 25% compliance rate for illegal immigrants released at border without court dates
Few illegal immigrants caught and released at the border on promises of turning themselves in to ICE later are showing up, defying Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ assurances of a “high rate” of compliance and leaving the department with few options for tracking down the migrants.
At best, the appearance rate is less than 25%, according to data from members of Congress and from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It may be much lower.
That means thousands of illegal immigrants have defied their first orders from the Homeland Security Department and become fugitives. That bodes ill for the chances of getting them to comply with their court dates and, if they lose their cases, their deportations.
The no-show rate is part of this year’s record-setting surge of border jumpers and underscores the challenges facing the Biden administration.
In normal times, those who make claims of protection would be given what is known as a notice to appear, which is essentially a time-and-date summons for a hearing before an immigration judge. --->READ MORE HERE
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Why Illegal Immigrants Are Being Released Without Court Dates:
Under circumstances at the southern border created by Biden administration actions, the contentious “catch and release” of illegal immigrants has become a bit more complicated, as the Border Patrol is now releasing thousands of illegal aliens into the country without a court date.
Generally, after apprehension, it’s the Border Patrol that processes the illegal border crossers and issues a notice for them to appear in immigration court. However, with the flood of migrants crossing the border, the Border Patrol instead has begun issuing them a “notice to report” to Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 60 days.
Even border hawks are split on its potential effectiveness. A chief complaint is that the Biden administration is engaged in something lacking statutory teeth. On the other hand, the illegal border crossers getting only a “notice to report” will not have an automatic formal status in the country.
Now, if illegal immigrants who are released want the quasi-legal status and benefits of a notice to appear—such as a conditional work permit in the United States—they will have to report to ICE before awaiting adjudication of their asylum claims.
“When [illegal immigrants] don’t have a notice to appear, they don’t have any legal status,” Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection in the Trump administration, explained to The Daily Signal. “The Border Patrol is overwhelmed. The Biden administration caused this crisis.” --->READ MORE HERE
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