Friday, June 18, 2021

Joe Biden Got Nothing in Geneva Summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin; Gets Played By Putin On World Stage Over Ransomware Attacks; Putin Humiliates Biden, and related stories

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Pollak: Joe Biden Got Nothing in Geneva Summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin:
President Joe Biden gave Russian President Vladimir Putin almost everything he could have wanted at their Geneva summit. He elevated Putin above other leaders, including American allies; and failed to force any real concessions on Russian policy.
The degree to which the summit was a disaster became evident when Putin emerged for his press conference — alone with a forum all to himself.
The Biden team did not want to appear with Putin at a joint conference after the meeting– both because Biden would look frail next to Putin, and because of the media dogma that President Donald Trump had somehow done something terrible by behaving cordially when appearing alongside Putin in Helsinki, Finland, in 2018.
Putin fielded softball questions from Russian news agencies, but he also welcomed hostile questions from the U.S. media. (In fact, Putin, an enemy of press freedom, was more polite than Biden would be, and took far tougher questions.)
The opportunity to defend his own position, and to attack the United States, without fear of contradiction was a massive gift to the Russian president. He used the old Soviet tactic of pointing to American problems as a way of deflecting from questions about human rights and political opposition. --->READ MORE HERE
Gets Played By Vladimir Putin On World Stage Over Ransomware Attacks:
As President Joe Biden wrapped up his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, the U.S. leader was played by his Kremlin counterpart who in turn, denied the entire premise of the meeting between the two world powers.
Speaking to reporters after, Biden said the two engaged in productive talks where the American president handed Putin a list of 16 entities “off-limits to attack, period, by cyber or any other means,” after the a ransomware attack which compromised the Colonial Pipeline last month was found to come from Russia. The attack shut down the United States’ largest pipeline for five-days leading to gas outages in 14 states and declared states of emergency in 17.
“So we agreed to task our experts in both our countries to work on specific understandings about what’s off limits, and to follow up on specific cases that originate in either of our countries,” Biden said. “I looked at him and said ‘how would you feel if ransomware took on the pipelines from your oil fields.’ He said it would matter.” --->READ MORE HERE
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