Friday, June 18, 2021

Bring Back Trump to Call Out China and the Globalists; China's Xi Jinping Wants to Rule the World as 'only' Superpower, Surrounded by 'vassal states', and other China related stories

Kevin Lamarque/Pool via AP
Bring back Trump to call out China and the Globalists:
Talking tough, G7 statement meekly asks China 'to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms'
Blundering Joe Biden and the Old Gang are back together again.
For 50 years now, the Globalists of Olde Europe have been getting it all wrong. And Mr. Biden has been there pretty much every step of the way.
Only in Washington could a guy like Joe Biden — who has been wrong about everything — rise to the very top. In the land of the deaf, dumb and blind, the guy who can still taste ice cream is king.
At this latest gathering of the Globalist 7, world leaders basically just breathed a heavy sigh of relief that Donald Trump was no longer in their midst.
He was not nice. And he did not like getting ripped off. Worst of all, he made no secret that his primary concern is the best interest of his own county, America.
As the vulgar Mr. Trump likes to say, “America First!”
It now appears the second greatest threat to the world — after Mr. Trump himself — is China. After all, the communist regime murders its own people, rounds up religious minorities and operates slave labor camps. Also, they unleashed a pandemic on the world that killed millions of innocent people. --->READ MORE HERE
US general: China's Xi Jinping wants to rule the world as 'only' superpower, surrounded by 'vassal states':
Chinese officials want to seize the mantle of the world’s “only” superpower from the United States, a four-star U.S. Air Force general is warning Washington's Indo-Pacific allies.
“They don’t believe there can be multiple superpowers, they believe that there can only be one, and they want to return back to the glory days of [imperial] China where everybody else was a vassal state and everybody [kowtowed] to the emperor,” U.S. Pacific Air Forces Command chief Kenneth Wilsbach told reporters Friday. “And the emperor now is the Chinese Communist Party.”
Wilsbach delivered that warning just days after Malaysian forces intercepted 16 Chinese People’s Liberation Army planes, although Chinese officials denied entering Malaysian airspace. That incident is just the latest example of friction between Beijing and neighboring governments, as Chinese officials are prosecuting border disputes with Japan and the Philippines, while the PLA’S saber-rattling around Taiwan has raised fears that Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping might try to invade the island democracy.
“We set ourselves up for miscalculations around the region when we have some of these activities when we’re getting into people’s airspace that we shouldn’t,” Wilsbach said, according to a local report. --->READ MORE HERE
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