Friday, June 18, 2021

Kamala Harris Just Keeps Getting Worse: A Political Opportunist With Neither a Clue Nor a Rudder; Harris Is an Embarrassment the Media Can't Spin Away, and related stories

Kamala Harris Just Keeps Getting Worse:
A political opportunist with neither a clue nor a rudder.
No matter how mentally diminished President Joe Biden is, you have to be horrified by who waits in the wings should he leave office before the expiration of his term.
Unfortunately, one of the many consequences of Biden's mental decline is an impairment of judgment that manifests itself in such reckless decisions as putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border. It is like making a colicky infant the goalie of a professional hockey team. If Biden were more alert, I would suspect it was his way of seeking revenge against Harris and those who foisted her on to his presidential ticket.
Harris has neither a clue nor a rudder on this critically important issue, which by any fair measure, now must be considered a crisis. She is a dedicated progressive, and progressives are flagrantly open borders-oriented. But even more, she is a political opportunist and will say anything to salvage her hemorrhaging reputation.
Thus, after all the root-causes rhetoric and the castigation of anyone who properly advocates even a modest level of border enforcement, she told migrants during a press conference Monday, "Don't come here." "As one of our priorities, we will discourage illegal migration," she said. "And I believe if you come to our border, you will be turned back. Do not come. Do not come," she continued. "The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border."
Perhaps we should be grateful for the whiplash if it means we'll begin to see a saner border policy, but how can we possibly rely on the White House to enforce the border when it's signaled in every imaginable way that it is ideologically opposed to protecting our sovereignty? --->READ MORE HERE
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Kamala Harris Is an Embarrassment the Media Can't Spin Away:
Kamala Harris Can’t Cackle Her Way Out of This
Where to begin.
One of the more alarming features of the current occupier-administration is that both the president and vice president are obviously in over their heads and neither is able to hide that fact whenever they are on camera. It’s as if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in a race to the bottom with each public appearance. This past week, alleged Veep Harris, um, won.
Bless their hearts, the behind-the-scenes puppet masters controlling this administration have yet to learn that they should keep both Biden and Harris as far the hell away from cameras as possible. True, they can’t just keep them both in the basement — the COVID-panic train has left the building — but they could greatly limit the exposure for both of them. Tell the public that they’re hunkered down and working on matters of national security, or something.
My magnificently acerbic colleague VodkaPundit wrote about one of Madame Cackle’s most recent on-camera debacles in his Insanity Wrap on Wednesday. I’ll give you the video first, then a bit of Mr. Green’s commentary: --->READ MORE HERE
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