Tuesday, March 9, 2021

TRUMP NEWS: He's Back: Rested and Refreshed Trump Savages Biden, Blasts 'Tsunami' of Illegal Immigrants, 'Totally Out of Control' Border; 'Election integrity' key theme for GOP in 2022 elections, and related stories

He's Back: Rested and Refreshed Trump Savages Biden, Blasts 'Tsunami' of Illegal Immigrants, 'Totally Out of Control' Border:
Former President Donald Trump attacked his successor, President Joe Biden, in a scathing email released on Friday that hit the White House for its failings on immigration, illegal immigrant crime and the coronavirus pandemic.
Trump, following the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion, which he was blamed for, had been uncharacteristically quiet since January. After being summarily canceled by Big Tech and impeached by the Democrat-majority House for the second time in two years, he apparently needed a breather.
But following his acquittal in the Senate last month, the man who had driven every news cycle for five years is stepping his way back into the spotlight. He appears to be rested, refreshed and ready to take the fight to the Democrats who are currently eating away at his legacy like termites.
Trump has been endorsing GOP primary candidates ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Last week he delivered a memorable speech at CPAC in Orlando, Florida, and there is speculation he might again seek the GOP’s nomination for president in 2024. --->READ MORE HERE
'Election integrity' key theme for GOP in 2022 elections:
For more than three decades, the Republican National Committee had to operate under a federal consent decree monitoring its activities, such as poll-watching and voter ID requirements. With the Reagan-era court order now lifted, the RNC plans to make "election integrity" a key 2022 campaign issue.
The decree goes back to a 1982 Democratic National Committee lawsuit accusing the RNC of suppressing the black vote through targeted mailers warning about the consequences for violating election laws and by posting armed, off-duty police officers at the polls in communities of color.
However, in 2018, New Jersey-based U.S. District Court Judge John Michael Vazquez ruled in an order that the decades-old decree be ended on Dec. 1 of that year and not be extended.
So, for over 30 years, the Republican Party was limited in its legal ability to challenge voters' qualifications. This restricted Republicans from creating ballot security programs or engaging in legal activities related to voter integrity issues. GOP activists said that gave Democrats a massive advantage in terms of fundraising and legal resources.
Now, the RNC is launching its election integrity committee. It's an integral part of the Republican narrative that President Biden stold the 2020 election, though virtually every post-Election Day lawsuit went against the campaign of then-President Donald Trump. Republicans are promising their voters that, going forward, "election integrity" will be a priority for the party from state legislatures to the courtroom, following allegations that voter fraud occurred during the last presidential contest. --->READ MORE HERE
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