Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Vaccine Passports Are a Terrible Idea; Immunity Passports Bring Back Racial Segregation, and other C-Virus Updates

Alex McIntyre/The Greeley Tribune/Reuters
Vaccine Passports Are a Terrible Idea:
They would extend the miseries of COVID well into a time when the vaccine has largely obviated them.
Governor Andrew Cuomo is piloting a program in which New Yorkers will get an “Excelsior Pass,” which would function as an internal COVID passport. It would put a secure QR code on your phone or a printed sheet of paper, confirming you had the vaccine or a recent negative COVID test, allowing you to enter spaces. If you want to get into Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks or into the Barclay’s Center to see the Nets, you need to create a relationship between your medical data, IBM, your phone, and the NBA. Cuomo hopes it will fast-track reopening.
This is a bad idea.
Unfortunately, it’s everywhere now. After Cuomo announced his plan, the news cycle seems to be turning toward the subject in earnest. Debates about COVID vaccine passes are starting in Europe. Even Lord Jonathan Sumption, one of the most prominent British critics of lockdowns, seems to be resigned to vaccine passports, seeing them as the “least bad thing” — and the only way to avoid depriving everyone of access to normal life again. He sees it as the least intrusive and least coercive measure. This is wrong, too. --->READ MORE HERE
Immunity Passports Bring Back Racial Segregation:
Want to eat at a diner or ride the bus? Not if your Equity Credit Score is too low.
Vaccine passports aren’t coming: they’re already here. And while discriminating against people based on their vaccination status is bad enough: the implications are even worse.
A vaccine passport transforms all of society into a two-tier system, but the basis for it isn’t a needle, it’s a set of government guidelines that were based on identity politics or ‘equity’.
From the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to various state equity initiatives, some even worse than the CDC’s push to prioritize people by race, the vaccine rollout was designed to put minorities at the head of the line. These prioritizations were meant to be invisible, using disparate impact to advance groups with the right demographic skew.
The government using race to prioritize medical treatment is horrifying enough, but vaccine passports take the biased vaccine system and embed that bias into everyday areas of life.
The end result is a horrifying cross between China’s social credit system and the racial segregation of the South. Call it the equity credit system based on racial and sexual identity. --->READ MORE HERE
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