Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Biden's Open Borders Leads to Virus Infected Illegal Aliens Spreading Across America; Sociopath Joe Biden Imports the Coronavirus from Mexico, and related stories

Biden's Open Borders Leads to Virus Infected Illegal Aliens Spreading Across America:
Lock down the country? Sure.
Force restaurants to close? Absolutely.
Keep schools shut for the year? We must play it safe.
Arrest people for peaceful protests against lockdowns? Done and done.
We must use every means possible to save lives no matter whose rights it violates.
Prevent illegal aliens from crossing the border and spreading the virus? What are you some sort of bigot? Illegal aliens have a right to spread the virus.
Nothing can possibly take precedence over the vital importance of illegal migration to the political future of the Democrat Party. --->READ MORE HERE
SERGIO FLORES/AFP via Getty Images
Nolte: Sociopath Joe Biden Imports the Coronavirus from Mexico:
The president of the United States is not only flooding America with illegal immigrants, he’s flooding America with illegal immigrants sick with the coronavirus.
To begin with, the very idea that our own president would brazenly break the law to flood our country with illegals is insane enough. The idea that our own president would flood our country with illegals during an economic recession when social services are already strained, is even more insane. But what kind of sociopath allows illegals (or anyone) into our country when they’re infected with a deadly virus reportedly responsible for the deaths of more than a half-million Americans?
From the looks of it, at least right now, and thanks primarily to former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, America seems to finally be crawling out of the hell of the China Virus. Things could change with a mutated strain or with colder weather this fall, but as of now, deaths and infections are in decline. What’s more, Texas and Mississippi are feeling good enough about things to end their business restrictions and mask mandates.
People are feeling hopeful that we might finally be at the beginning of the end of this thing, and what has that sociopath Joe Biden decided to to…?
His Fraudulency is calling anyone who wants to ease restrictions “neanderthals” and, apparently because there’s not enough coronavirus in America, he’s importing the virus directly from Mexico.
Why is Biden not being impeached? --->READ MORE HERE
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