Friday, January 8, 2021

New York City is Back!; NYC shootings in 2020 matched prior two years combined

New York City is Back!:
New York is back!
No, I don't mean Rudy Giuliani's revived New York City. I mean the nightmarish New York City of Dinkins, Beame and Lindsay.
I mean the Death Wish and Warriors city.
And now Bill de Blasio's New York City before it's passed on to some even more nightmarishly incompetent and corrupt leftist whose only agenda is identity politics.
New York City is back, baby.
Bat-wielding man injures multiple people in NYC during crazy crime spree - New York Post

Violence adds to NYC’s 2020 death toll, with 97% jump in shootings and 45% increase in murders — criminal carnage not seen in 14 years - New York Daily News

NYPD: 8 People Shot In 6 Different Shootings Not Even 2 Hours Into 2021 - CBS 2

NYPD: Man Shot, Killed on Eve of His 21st Birthday - NBC 4
Paul Martinka 
NYC shootings in 2020 matched prior two years combined:
So many bullets flew in the Big Apple in 2020 that the number of shootings and gun victims matched the totals for the two prior years combined.
NYPD statistics released Friday show that 1,868 people were hit by gunfire in 1,531 separate shooting incidents last year — matching the totals for both categories in 2018 plus 2019.
Police reported a total of 1,820 victims and 1,531 shooting incidents in those two years, the stats show. --->READ MORE HERE

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