Friday, January 8, 2021

It Would Take COVID 23 Years to Kill as Many People as Abortion Killed in 2020 Alone; Texas hospital offers workers $500 bonus to get COVID-19 vaccine, and other C-Virus Updates

It Would Take COVID 23 Years to Kill as Many People as Abortion Killed in 2020 Alone:
The coronavirus is the worst pandemic since the 1918 flu pandemic killed roughly 50 million worldwide.
According to Johns Hopkins University data updated Sunday, 1.8 million people have died of COVID-19 since the disease first began to spread in late 2019 in Wuhan, China. Most of those reported deaths came in 2020, however.
In the United States as of Sunday, just over 350,000 have died, the most reported by any country.
Horrible as the situation may be, COVID-19 still wasn’t the biggest killer in the world in the annus horribilis of 2020. That would be abortion, which claimed 42.7 million unborn lives worldwide last year, according to data from the global statistical site Worldometers reported by Breitbart. That made abortion the leading cause of death worldwide by a wide margin, with cancer the second-biggest killer at 8.2 million. --->READ MORE HERE
Texas hospital offers workers $500 bonus to get COVID-19 vaccine:
At this hospital, it pays to get vaccinated.
One of the largest health care centers in Texas is offering workers a $500 “bonus” if they get vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a report Wednesday.
Employees at Houston Methodist — the state’s third-biggest hospital system with 26,000 employees — is doling out the dough as a “thank you” for hard work during the coronavirus crisis, according to CNN.
“Eligibility criteria will include getting a COVID-19 vaccination, fulfilling our obligation as health care workers to lead the community,” hospital president Marc Boom wrote in an email obtained by the outlet. --->READ MORE HERE
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