Friday, January 8, 2021

🎵If Dems Only Had a Brain🎵

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Over the weekend, the House Democrats chose to continue following the person who did this at what is supposed to be a moment of national pride and unity:
Democrats reelected Nancy Pelosi as their dear leader and Speaker of the House. They can have her. Most Americans have no use for the career political crook.
Until Pelosi apologizes for her childish antics at the State of the Union, any call or plea she makes for unity should and will be ignored by millions of Americans, including me.
Upon convening the Congress into session, Pelosi and her top lieutenants promptly offered credible solutions to the nation’s many problems.
Just kidding. They pushed divisive rules that would remove words such as “father” and “mother” from the lower house’s official language. Given the opportunity to do something serious, in a time when leaders should rise to the occasion, the Democrats did something stupid and frivolous.
Then they prayed, and this happened.
The pray-er is Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who, as my colleague Tyler O’Neil notes, was a minister for 37 years. Cleaver quoted the Bible during the prayer, but closed it by saying “Amen. And a-woman.”
That’s not a word and Cleaver knows it. If Cleaver is serious about changing the language to appease the gods of “inclusivity” (which he somehow omitted from the list of gods he did pray to) he should start with his own name, go straight to a judge and have it changed to Ewomanuel Cleaver.
“Emanuel” has “man” right there in the middle of it. It has to go!
Look, I don’t make up the new rules. The Democrats do.
Changing his name makes exactly as much sense as what he actually did in the august well of the United States House of Representatives.
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