Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Integrity and the Constitution Can Yet Give an Honest 2020 Election; ICYMI: Who Is Stealing America? (VIDEO)

Integrity and the Constitution Can Yet Give an Honest 2020 Election:
Even with the most political censorship in U.S. History people of integrity know that the 2020 presidential election was the most fraudulent in our history. Opponents first said, “Show us the evidence.” When shown they next admitted, “Okay, there was fraud, but not enough to change the outcome.” When hundreds of whistleblowers, many Democrats, surfaced and millions of Americans viewed captured videos of filmed corruption in nightly news broadcasts showing otherwise, that lie evaporated. Thousands either participated in it or witnessed it. When corruption could no longer be denied the narrative changed to, “It is too late to do anything about it!! Accept the election!” But if you accept fraud to any degree, aren’t you participating in it?
This election is no longer about Joe Biden and Donald Trump but is about the integrity of every American. Sadly the U.S. Supreme Court bought the line that it was too late and themselves violated the Constitution by refusing to hear the evidence presented by Texas and seven sister suing states. States suing other states have no other recourse than the Supreme Court. They damaged the Constitution by effectively removing this portion out of the document. If eight states and the president have “no standing” who does? No one!!
We were told this was the last deliberative body that could address this election. The people were left with two bad choices, accept fraudulency or revolt. These justices, unless they accept one of several cases still pending, especially Pennsylvania, will stand in infamy as the worst in U. S. History because they should have resolved the issue but didn’t. Fortunately, the Constitution gives us yet another option for an honest and free 2020 presidential election.
Presumably, the president of the Senate, Mike Pence, has received all certified election results from all states due December 23, as required by federal law. This is followed on January 6 by a joint meeting of Congress to count and declare a winner. In this meeting, the electors of any state can be challenged by legislators of either body. At this point the process follows The Election Count Act of 1887 as follows: --->READ MORE HERE
Video: Who Is Stealing America?
The first documentary film on the 2020 election investigation.

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