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January 6, 2021: The Day of the Electoral Epiphany; It's time for swing state Republican legislatures to step up for Trump

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January 6, 2021: The Day of the Electoral Epiphany:
January 6 marks the festival of the Christian Epiphany commemorating the visit of the Magi—the three “wise men” of popular parlance—bringing gifts to the Christ child. It is also the day on which the presidency of the United States will be determined as the “wise men” of Congress meet to certify or decertify the vote of the Electoral College. The question is whether the current legitimate president will be recognized or whether a pretender to the throne, a false messiah, or, to put it bluntly, a corrupt grifter benefitting from the largest electoral fraud in American history will be confirmed in his stead.
Three facts should be obvious.
The first is that the list of Donald Trump’s accomplishments as president is a long one: the Middle East peace treaties, wage gains for low wage earners, elimination of the ISIS Caliphate, low unemployment (pre-COVID), Operation Warp Speed, energy independence, rapid economic recovery, reduction of economy-strangling regulations, pushback against Chinese Communist subversive tactics (including his recent release of Chinese bounty intel), returning manufacturing and industry to the homeland, immigration sanity, forcing NATO allies to pay their fair share of military expenses, the renegotiating of trade deals in America’s favor, in short, the policy of America First—to mention only a few of his extraordinary achievements.
Second, he has been routinely and viscerally misrepresented and traduced by a hostile and corrupt media consortium that has suppressed or sullied a record any responsible president would be proud of. Clearly, we no longer have a fair and trustworthy press but a Soviet-style propaganda machine trading on lies, unceasing vitriol and relentless ad hominem attacks on a sitting president.
Third, the evidence of massive and unprecedented electoral fraud that may well cost Trump the election is undeniable: preventing inspectors from observing the vote count, accepting illegal mail-in ballots and invalid (without dates) absentee ballots, random assignment of ballots, vote dumping, ballot box stuffing, votes exceeding the number of estimated voters, registering 120-year-old voters, transference of votes from Trump to Biden in battleground states, suitcases filled with ballots dragged out from beneath a covered table after mandated poll observers were told to leave, thousands of affidavits attesting to illegitimate activities, election rules drastically changed, hackable and manipulated voting machines and practices, and so on. The documentation is everywhere. Pennsylvania election numbers don’t add up, outcome-determinative fraud occurred in Georgia, Republican ballots were misprinted in several swing states. The fraud, which is, in effect, an integral part of a premediated coup d’état and “the biggest political scandal in U.S. history,” cannot be doubted or dismissed except by committed partisans of the Democratic Party, #NeverTrumpers, insurrectionary cadres like Antifa and BLM, useful idiots, and data-censoring corporate magnates frustrated by an honest broker in the Oval Office. --->READ MORE HERE
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It's time for swing state Republican legislatures to step up for Trump:
Is the 2020 presidential election over? No, it is not. President Trump has a path to victory under the U.S. Constitution. It lies with the Republican legislatures in the swing states.
Team Trump has produced a mountain of evidence demonstrating that the Democrats committed outcome‑determinative election fraud. They may have rigged the voting machines, and they indisputably used fraud, intimidation and removal of observers, ballot harvesting — and, perhaps most seriously, unconstitutional last‑minute changes in the voting rules, another form of cheating.
Peter Navarro comprehensively analyzes much of the evidence in his recent report, “Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities.” The Democrats said they were determined to oust Mr. Trump by any means necessary — and they cheated to the degree necessary to overcome his record 74 million-plus votes.
The courts so far have refused to adjudicate these claims. Their refusal is somewhat understandable. The judiciary is ill-equipped to adjudicate these issues in the compressed time available and they tend to defer to the political branches on elections.
But Mr. Trump does not need to win in court. Under the Constitution,... --->READ MORE HERE

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