Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Only Science-Deniers Believe In A National Mask Mandate; States with Lowest Unemployment Rates Have Republican Governors, Few COVID Restrictions. and other C-Virus Updates

Only Science-Deniers Believe In A National Mask Mandate:
It’s now a crime in many places in the United States not to wear a face mask. These misdemeanors, like simple assault or trespassing, are punishable by fines and even jail. At the moment, these are state and local matters, but if Joe Biden is elected president, he has promised to declare a national mask mandate.
Although such a mandate would likely be ruled unconstitutional in the courts under the 10th Amendment, which reserves such authority to states instead of the national government, the stakes are ramping up with power-hungry politicians in positions of authority. It’s more urgent than ever that mask policy be based on scientific evidence.
Scientists have long tested the value of masks for the general public. The results are not, on the whole, in favor of masks for general use because there are just too many trade-offs and exceptions. Besides, not all masks are created equal. A clean, properly-fitted N-95 respirator and face shield worn, and never touched while worn, by a trained health professional is one thing. A dirty cloth neck gaiter worn begrudgingly at the gym is quite another. --->READ MORE HERE
David A. Lieb / AP
States with Lowest Unemployment Rates Have Republican Governors, Few COVID Restrictions:
Five of the six states with the nation’s lowest unemployment rates are in the Midwest, have Republican governors and have almost no restrictions intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
The governors say their decisions not to impose harsher restrictions are paying off with fewer business closures and more hiring reflected in the strong jobless numbers. But economists say it’s not so simple. Although businesses that are struggling during the pandemic can benefit when governors opt not to require masks or limit in-door gatherings, other factors may play an even bigger role in producing such low unemployment rates.
And those same rules that could initially help the states’ economies also are blamed for their leading the nation in coronavirus infection rates, raising questions about whether their hands-off approach is sustainable. North Dakota and South Dakota have the most cases per capita in the U.S., and Nebraska and Iowa aren’t far behind. --->READ MORE HERE
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