Wednesday, November 4, 2020

New Study Obliterates Democrats' Wealth Inequality Narrative; Socialism in New Survey Again Gains Favor in America -- and Here's Why

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New study obliterates Democrats' wealth inequality narrative:
Under the Trump administration, real median family wealth grew 17.7 percent
While the hysterical media is working tirelessly to convince the American and global public that Donald Trump has ushered in Armageddon, under the president’s leadership America and the world are significantly better off than before he assumed office in 2016.
Unprecedented progress on Middle East peace is occurring, completely neglected by most news outlets that suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Four million jobs have been created, many in the previously-moribund manufacturing sector. Now a new study has emerged showing a mind-blowing fact (mind-blowing against the backdrop of what the biased mainline media choose to cover up): Under the Trump administration, wealth inequality has declined for the first time in 30 years.
A study released this week by the Baker Institute for Public Policy, based upon data collected from the Federal Reserve, obliterates the Democratic narrative that only the nation’s wealthiest have prospered under the Trump administration, concluding, “Wealth inequality rose persistently between 1992 and 2016 — a trend that saw a reversal in 2019. Income inequality also experienced the largest decline since 1992. Both changes are a result of gains in the total shares by lower deciles.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Socialism in new survey again gains favor in America -- and here's why:
A new survey from YouGov of 2,100 U.S. citizens ages 16 and older finds that the term “socialism” is being regarded with rising favor among America’s more youthful population, the Generation Z-ers and millennials, collectively between the ages of 16 and 39.
Blame the public school systems.
Blame the media.
Blame the growing secularization of society.
Ultimately, blame the churches — and particularly, the Christian community.
Here’s where America’s at, according to this YouGov poll reported by the nonprofit Victims of Communism: “This year’s study showed increased favorability of the term ‘socialism’ (49%) among Gen Z compared to 2019 (40%). Opinions of capitalism declined slightly from 2019 to 2020 among all Americans (58% to 55%), with Gen Z (ages 16-23) slightly up (49% to 52%) and Millennials (ages 24-39) down (50% to 43%). [Moreover], 35% of Millennials and 31% of Sen Z support the gradual elimination of the capitalist system in favor of a more socialist system.”
That’s a mouthful, but what it all means in a phrase is this: America’s in trouble. Or, more aptly, free America’s in trouble. --->READ MORE HERE

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