Sunday, November 15, 2020

MA May Legalize Abortion Through Entire Pregnancy; Biden's Coronavirus Adviser Believes People Over 65 - 75 Aren't Worth Saving, and related stories

Brian Snyder/Reuters
Massachusetts May Legalize Abortion Through Entire Pregnancy:
The Massachusetts Legislature may vote next week to expand the right to abortion through an entire pregnancy, a measure to be placed in a budget bill.
If passed, the bill will permit post-24-week abortions to protect the life and health of the mother, and if the fetus has a serious disabling or terminal condition. But notice that virtually anything and everything can qualify for a legal post-24-week termination, including psychological, familial, and emotional factors. From the “Roe Act”–Bill S 1209 (my emphasis):
Section 12L. The Commonwealth shall not interfere with a person’s personal decision and ability to prevent, commence, terminate, or continue their own pregnancy consistent with this chapter. The Commonwealth shall not restrict the use of medically appropriate methods of abortion or the manner in which medically appropriate abortion is provided. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden's Coronavirus Adviser Believes People Over 65 - 75 Aren't Worth Saving:
If you want a national Cuomoization of the elderly, a Biden administration will deliver.
As coronavirus cases surge around the country, President-elect Joe Biden says voters have given him a mandate to take action.
"Daily cases are skyrocketing," Biden said in remarks Friday evening in Wilmington, Del., as the nation waited for the election to be called. "I want everyone — everyone — to know on Day 1, we're going to put our plan to control this virus into action."
Who's advising Biden?
Ezekiel Emanuel, a physician and University of Pennsylvania professor who has briefed Biden on health policy, told NPR he got to see how Biden works during the Obama administration's economic recovery efforts in 2009, which Biden managed as vice president. "You're going to have rigorous evaluation and constant refinement" of policies and strategies, he said.
Ezekiel Emanual, Rahm's even eviler brother, was the architect of ObamaCare who believes life isn't worth living over 75. --->READ MORE HERE
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