Sunday, November 15, 2020

All Eyes Now Officially on Georgia as GOP Senate Majority Hangs in the Balance; Democrats Openly Urge People To Commit Voter Fraud By Temporarily ‘Moving’ To Georgia

All eyes now officially on Georgia as GOP Senate majority hangs in the balance:
Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan's reelection Tuesday has shifted the future of the Senate majority 4,500 miles southeast, to Georgia, where a rare double runoff contest for two open Senate seats will determine which party controls the gavel in January.
Democrats remain in the minority with 48 seats unless they can win these two seats. Voters will pick winners in these Senate races in a Jan. 5 runoff.
Sullivan’s reelection has secured the GOP 50 seats when the Senate convenes for the 117th Congress in January, but that won't be good enough if presumptive President-elect Joe Biden takes office later that month. Kamala Harris would cast the tie-breaking vote as vice president and president of the Senate. That's why Republicans will focus heavily on holding the Georgia Senate seats.
Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat who hopes to be running the Senate next year, is hardly giving up.
“When it comes to the Senate,” Schumer said Tuesday, “It’s not over.” --->READ MORE HERE
Democrats Openly Urge People To Commit Voter Fraud By Temporarily ‘Moving’ To Georgia:
Democrats are openly urging people to commit a form of voter fraud by temporarily “moving” to Georgia to vote for the two Democrat challengers in the state’s upcoming Senate runoff races.
On Jan. 5, eligible voters will cast their votes for either incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue or his challenger Democrat Jon Ossoff and GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler or the other Democratic candidate, Raphael Warnock.
Less than a week after the 2020 election and the announcement of the runoff, New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman encouraged leftists to take interest in the race by relocating to the state and voting for the two Democrat candidates. --->READ MORE HERE
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