Saturday, November 14, 2020

House Republicans Demand USPS Documents on Pa. Whistleblower Probe; REPORT: Eight of nine mismatched signatures accepted in Nevada mail-in ballot experiment, and more Voting Issues stories

Screen grab from Project Veritas video
House Republicans demand USPS documents on Pa. whistleblower probe:
House Oversight Committee Republicans called Friday on the U.S. Postal Service inspector general to produce documents related to Pennsylvania ballot-fraud claims, accusing Democrats of seeking to discredit a whistleblower before the investigation had been completed.
Republican Reps. James Comer and Jody Hice said that in a “highly unusual” move, the USPS deputy inspector general briefed committee staffers Tuesday about the ongoing investigation, telling them that postal worker Richard Hopkins had recanted his previous statement about possible backdating of ballots.
House Oversight Democrats trumpeted the news that night on Twitter. Mr. Hopkins, who first made his claims last week to Project Veritas, promptly denied that he had retracted his statement.
“Democrats turned a blind eye to Adam Schiff’s fake whistleblower during the impeachment scam but have quickly dismissed those pertaining to election integrity before all the facts are discovered,” Mr. Comer, the ranking committee member, said in a statement.
“There is public confusion about these allegations and the Office of the Inspector General owes the American people and Congress an explanation for their actions surrounding Richard Hopkins‘ USPS whistleblower complaint,” he said. --->READ MORE HERE
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Eight of nine mismatched signatures accepted in Nevada mail-in ballot experiment: Report:
An experiment testing the veracity of Nevada mail-in ballot signature verification reportedly resulted in an 89% failure rate, raising concerns about the integrity of the state's rapidly implemented universal mail-in ballot system.
Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks said in a Thursday article that he had nine people use his handwriting rather than their own for mail-in ballot signatures.
"I wrote their names in cursive using my normal handwriting. They then copied my version of their name onto their ballot envelope. This two-step process was necessary to ensure no laws were broken," Joecks said.
The result contradicted assurances from Nevada officials that signature verification, the process of matching a voter's signature on file to the signature on the ballot, would prevent fraudulent ballots from being counted. --->READ MORE HERE
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