Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dems Falling Short in Swing States, Early Voting Data Shows; Trump Powers into the Lead in Crucial Pennsylvania, and more Bad News for Biden

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Democrats falling short in swing states, early voting data shows:
New early voting data showed Democrats failing to hit their mark in several battleground states, giving Trump campaign officials more reasons for optimism Tuesday as President Trump rallied voters in key Midwestern states and Democrat Joseph R. Biden made a play for traditionally red Georgia.
In Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Arizona, Democrats are falling short of their target of 70% of early votes cast either in-person or by mail. That’s the lead they hoped to build up to stave off an expected higher Republican turnout on Election Day.
“The Democrats have not opened up a large enough lead in the early vote totals, and they know it,” said Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh. “They have now realized that they put too many eggs in the vote-by-mail basket, and they’re not hitting the marks they need.”
Campaigning in battleground Michigan, which does not track partisan affiliation of early voting, Mr. Trump said he’s pulled ahead by 3 percentage points, apparently referring to internal campaign polling. Mr. Biden leads by an average of 9 points in public polls. --->READ MORE HERE
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Trump powers into the lead in crucial Pennsylvania says pollster who called state in 2016:
A Trafalgar Group poll has President Trump taking a slight lead in Pennsylvania, showing the small Georgia research firm is once again going against the corporate polling grain which has Joseph R. Biden with a healthy lead.
Trafalgar Group also has Mr. Trump ahead in Michigan and other swing states.
Chief strategist Robert Cahaly says his small team of analysts know how to find Trump-shy voters, a skill displayed in 2016 when it — and Mr. Trump — shocked the media establishment.
In 2016, its final polls in Pennsylvania and Michigan said Mr. Trump would win these crucial states while Hillary Clinton took them for granted. Every other pollster — from big liberal daily newspapers to college number crunchers to TV networks — confidently said the Republican would lose those two states, badly.
Trafalgar embarrassed the competition. Donald Trump captured both and became president. --->READ MORE HERE
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